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Unpublished Letter to the Editor 

To the Editor,

I was dismayed to see your recent description of the brutal response to East Timor's pro-independence vote ("Files reveal East Timor clashes" Nov. 14), which you wrote generated "intense violence by armed pro-Indonesia militias, with the tacit consent of the Indonesia military (TNI), against pro-independence supporters."

Numerous investigations, conducted by among others the United Nations and Indonesia's official human rights commission, make clear that Indonesian security forces actively organized, directed and participated in the militia since their inception.

Outside of official levels, their was no attempt to hide this during the post-ballot violence. You indicate that he official cover-up is continuing with the denial of  The Australian's request for certain documents "understood to further reveal links" between the TNI and militia."

There was nothing "tacit" about the Indonesian military's participation in the events of 1999. It was an active participant, and it is time that its leaders be brought before an international court to be held accountable for their crimes.


John M. Miller
National Coordinator
East Timor and Indonesia Action Network
Brooklyn, NY

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