ISSN #1088-8136

Vol. 6, No. 1
Spring 2000

We Can't Stop Here

Gus Dur and the Military Monster

Atrocity Investigations in East Timor

East Timor in Transition: A View from the Ground

ETAN Steering Committee Explores New Territory

Chapter Updates

IFET Launches New Project

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  Exploring an Indonesia Action Network

Delegates to our December Steering Committee meeting in Chicago decided that ETAN will extend its mandate to work on Indonesia-related matters through the end of this congressional year (Fall 2000) to ensure that crucial legislation we've helped to establish will not be lost. This legislation includes a current suspension of normal U.S. military ties with Indonesia, including bans on military training and weapons transfers. These successes have affected Indonesia as well as East Timor, supporting democratization and efforts to end military repression throughout the archipelago. 

Meeting participants also launched an exploratory committee which is now investigating the possible formation of an "Indonesia Action Network" (IAN). In April, the group will make its first report back to the ETAN Steering Committee on the feasibility of this project. As an ETAN "spin-off", IAN might utilize the ETAN model and strategies to push U.S. foreign policy to oppose military rule and repression, to support genuine reform and democratization, and to realize human rights in all areas of Indonesia. By the end of 2000, IAN would pick up lobbying, press work, protests, and education related to Indonesia. ETAN may continue to advise and assist IAN for at least one year as it develops its structure, staff, funding, and grassroots base. 

The IAN exploratory group includes activists working on Aceh, West Papua, religious freedom, and government reform. Please contact Lynn Fredriksson or Karen Orenstein at ETAN's Washington office (,, 202-544-6911) if you would like to join the IAN committee.

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