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Vol. 7, No. 3
Winter 2001-2002



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Winter 2001-2002

East Timor Elects Assembly

Ashes to Ashes: Reflections on Terror

ETAN to Kissinger

ETAN Marks Anniversaries

September 11 Aftermath Brings Shifts in Washington

Lobby Days 2001 Yields Info, Action

Phillips Petroleum & Canberra Play an Old Game

ETAN Tour Spotlights Refugee Crisis

President Megawati: Bad News for Timor

Court Issues $66 Million Judgment Against Indonesian General

A Letter from Dili

About East Timor and the East Timor Action Network



Santa Cruz Cemetary  
For decades, East Timorese have grieved for missing or murdered family and friends whose bodies could not be recovered at this cross in the center of the Santa Cruz cemetery in Dili. After the September 11 killings in the United States, hundreds of people spontaneously brought flowers and lit candles at this traditional mourning place. Photo by Charles Scheiner  

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ETAN Needs Your Support

East Timor will celebrate its independence on May 20, 2002, a day that will be an important transition point in this long-suffering people’s struggle for true self-determination. International solidarity continues to be essential — and ETAN needs your support to continue our work to bring the East Timorese refugees home, to hold accountable those responsible for the genocidal occupation of East Timor, and to build powerful partnerships between the grassroots in the U.S. and East Timor. As East Timor’s chief minister Mari Alkatiri stated during the August 2001 Constituent Assembly election, “We struggled for more than 24 years for independence. We’ve learned the lesson that even small people have a voice.” Add your voice today! 

Please remember ETAN in your year-end giving. Donations of any size for ETAN’s political and advocacy work should be made out to ETAN (these are not tax-deductible). Tax-deductible donations over $50 can be made out to “The Foundation for International Scientific Cooperation” with “ETAN/U.S.” in the check memo line; these support our educational work. All donations should be mailed to ETAN at 1202 Williamson St., Madison, WI 53703. You can also give securely online by credit card at Thank you for your support!


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