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ETAN LOBBY DAYS: April 26-28
By Lynn Fredriksson

East Timor’s supporters from across the United States have traveled to Washington for an annual Spring pilgrimage for the past four years. We come not to bring offerings, but pressure and persuasion. It’s educational, challenging, and even enjoyable.

JOIN US! This is it folks. Seize the day. The Suharto regime is floundering, pro-democracy activism in Jakarta is thriving, but the economic crisis and political crisis in Indonesia and East Timor continue to cause severe suffering and hardship. Recently, US training of Indonesian military units has been exposed, and this exposure has unleashed widespread protest in the US and Indonesia, protest that could lead to a complete ban on all military training to the Suharto regime. It’s time to renew our call for self-determination in East Timor. We need your voices!

ETAN’s annual Lobby Days will take place from April 26-28 (Sunday-Tuesday) from the ETAN office on Capitol Hill. We can extend another day or two of lobbying for those who can stay longer. On Sunday, we’ll learn about the political situation and lobbying techniques – you’re welcome even if you’ve not yet spoken a word to a Congressperson!

If you can join this timely, concerted effort to educate our elected representatives about East Timor, please RSVP to Lynn Fredriksson or John Miller. Let us know when you’ll be getting in, whether or not you’ll require ETAN accommodations, and if you have special needs. We may have some money available to partially subsidize travel costs.

We are considering a demonstration at the White House, Indonesian Embassy or IMF on the afternoon of April 27 or 28. Your feedback will help us decide! Coincidentally, and happily, our lobby days will coincide with the School of the Americas Watch Congressional vigil and lobby days. This is a unique opportunity to join our energies.

The same week, ETAN will hold a national call-in and letter writing campaign to Congress. If you can’t travel to DC, please call or write your Representative and Senators in support of human rights and self-determination in East Timor. Let us know of your interest, and we’ll be sure to send you the most current action alerts.

We look forward to seeing you in Washington!