Subject: KMP: CNRT Appeals To Police To Curb Terror by Pro-Indonesia groups
Date: Sat, 20 Feb 1999 09:08:17 -0500
From: "John M. Miller" <>

Friday, 19 February 1999 CNRT Appeals To Police To Curb Situation

Liquica, Kompas Online

David Dias Ximenes, deputy of Conselho Nacionale da Resistencia Timorense (CNRT) National Council Of Timor Resistence) has met the Deputy District Police Chief of Timtim, Colonel Muafi Sahudji, on Thursday (18/2) in Dili to make an appeal to end the twomonth old clashes in the District Maubara between pro and contra groups. If this is not forthcoming, he said, CNRT will do something about the problem.

Sahudji admitted to the press that he received a report from David about the situation in Maubara.

"David made it known, if the Police will not dispatch troops to salvage the situation, they will send a crowd to Maubara. I told him that we have placed one platoon of the Mobile Brigade and another one made up of public elements and supervised by the Liquica Police Resort, to watch the situation today. The Police troops will be increased or withdrawn depending on the situation and security in the field," said Sahudji.

David told the press that the security forces in all appearances seem to be giving a free hand to pro-integration groups to terrorize and intimidate pro-independence groups. He said, that the security forces only showed attention to pro-integration groups, also called "red white iron".

"The police is constantly patroling in Maubara. Why are "red white iron" groups equiped with sharp weapons, they intimidate the public, destroy homes and possessions, they cut hair of young men and even injure people with spears. They are not arrested or called up by the court. If pro-independence groups are constantly terrorized, then CNRT will take over matters. If necessary, we will dispatch a crowd to Maubara to retalliate," said David.

David said further that the terrorizing actions of pro-integration groups have been growing until the border of District Loes in the Bobonaro Regency and District Maubara Liquica Regency. Pro-integration groups have entered Guico village, for instance, and started to intimidate and terrorize pro-independence groups.

CNRT has appealed to the police to curb the situation in Maubara and bring balance and justice in the two fighting groups.

Sahudji said that duties of the police really consisted of upholding justice and security, without any kind of interest in Timtim. It is therefore not right to say that the police does not act promptly against terrorizing and intimidating groups of the pro-integration side who are carrying sharp weapons.

"So far, there is no proof that pro-integration groups have been armed to exterminate pro-independence groups. What is wrong if they are doing the nightwatch in the village. If there had been strong evidence, they would have been arrested by the police," he said. He then appealed to the Timtim people of both groups, to cool their tempers and respect one another.

Clashes in Lisa Laran

Police Resort Chief of Liquica, Adios Solava, explained that an appeal has been made to the "red white iron" group to cease their night patrols in Maubara. They have agreed to that. They have returned to the fields and went back to their families. However, at the same time a pro-independence group came to terrorize them which ended in the capture of Joanico Gomes (18) who was kept as a hostage in the village Lisa Laran, Vatoboro, District Maubara.

Pro-integration groups who learned the news, setup a force to free Joanico. When they entered Lisa Laran, oposition groups welcomed them with arrows, spears, knifes and large knifes. In the fight Joanico was fataly injured by pro-independence members, while Paulo da Silva, another member was hit by an arrow.

Paulo is still undergoing treatment in the hospital of liquica, while Joanico's body was collected by his parents who buried him on Tuesday (16/2), His burial fell at the same time with Bendito Fortunato Pires' who was shot in Dili on Sunday (14/2). 18 People of the pro-independence group were lightly injured and arrested.

"The leader of the pro-independence group, Cesar, who is responsible for the clash has not been found yet. He and several of his friends have fled in the woods. A member of the Mobile Brigade was also questioned," said Solava.

Meanwhile, about 20 East Timor students in Bandung have gone to the West Java Parliament on Thursday (18/2), they were received by the Chairman of the Special Reformation Committee, Endang Rahmat. The students represented some 200 Timtim students in Bandung who demanded that both pro and contra groups should unite their understanding and support government efforts in relation with the best possible solution for the Timtim people. Endang promised to forward their aspirations through the Chairman of West Java's Parliament.

"We all want a solution and a diplomatic decision that would benefit the Timtim people," said Endang. (*)

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