Subject: Take Soeharto to the Court
Date: Sat, 2 Jan 1999 17:54:54 -0800 (PST)
From: bermeta asukai <>

Dear Friends,

Firstly, as Timorese, I really appreaciate the idea of some Portuguis lawers to take Soeharto, the Indonesian former President, to the court in order to ask his responsibility on the death of thousands Timorense during the Indonesian occupation. Personally, I am really suppoting this idea. But, the quetion is that can this idea be implemented? I think, it is hard to take him to the international court, especially Portuguis Court. This can only be done if this idea is supported by international community (UN)and also of course, be supported by Indonesian and the Indonesian Government. We can refere to the case of Pinochet and "Lockerby".

Secondly, beside taking Soeharto to the Court, frankly, I also ancious to take some portuguis authority who governed in Lisbon in 1975 to the court because of their policy in abandoning East Timor that was creating civil war. By abandoning East Timor, it was giving the opportunity to Indonesia to occuppy the territory and the result of that, many Timorese have been killed. The policy of abandoning East Timor was very harmful and it seems to me that Portugal only care for himself. When in peace, he tries to occupy East Timor but when in a mess he leaves it. We can reflect this attitude in 1942 (during Japanese Occupation) and 1975. So, the death of Timorese should be share by Portugis and Indonesia. Can Portugis lawers also think about this? I mean, can they try to take Portugis Authorities who responsible for the decision of abandoning East Timor in the 1970s to the court as well as Soeharto?

Finally, I want to express my gratetute and appreciation for Portugis Government and also his people who continually support Timorese.


Bermeta007 Ema lemorai buka dalan los.

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