Subject: List of freed E Timorese prisoners
Date: Mon, 4 Jan 1999 11:02:37 -0000
From: "Paula Carvalho Pinto" <>

Translation of excerpts of the Waspada news article of the release of E Timorese political prisoners. The original, in Bahasa Indonesia, follows the translation. The translated paras are between brakets. The friend who translated (thanks for the speedy response!) kept the original form of the Indonesian journalists' misspelt E Timorese names.

"Via Presidential Decree No 202, the government has granted amnesty to 20 East Timorese prisoners currently being held in detention centres in Baucau, Ermera and Maliana. They are: Alipio Pascoal Gusmao, Paulino Cabral, Mario Jose Maria, Miguel Da Jesus, Agustino Da Costa, Eusibio Dos Anjos Marques, Alberto Freitas, Lamberto Freitas, Clermi Soares, Joaquim Carvalho De Araujo, Luis Gonzaga, Helder Martins, Manuel Gomes, Matheus Carlos Tilman, Lorico Lopes, Zakarias Sake, Hernani Doelindo De Araujo, Rui Laku Mau, Basco Da Gama dan Tito Dos Reis.

It has also been decreed that seven other East Timorese who have yet to be sentenced be granted immediate release. They are: Alfonso Manuel, Matias Marsal Soares, Dominggus Pereira, Matias Guovea, Sesaria Freitas, Anceto Soares dan Miguel Sorreira.


According to the Minister of Justice, those who do not qualify for sentence reduction, amnesty etc. include prisoners convicted of political crimes linked to involvement in the banned Communist Party, opposition to the tenets of the State Ideology Pancasila and crimes where violence was advocated or employed."

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