Subject: Declaration of ET Political prisoners in Semarang
Date: Sun, 31 Jan 1999 09:21:34 PST
From: "Zacarias Anselmo" <>


As a response to the recent announcement by the Indonesia Government through its Information and Foreing Affairs Ministers, on January 27th 1999, that Jakarta suggested the possibility of letting go East Timor to be free if the "wide-range autonomy" offered by President Habbie's Government is not accepted by the people of East Timor, we, East Timor "political prisoners", the remnants of the 12 November 1991 Santa Cruz massacre in Dili, declare:

We welcome this "sudden change" of attitudes, which reflects flexibility in attitudes of the Jakarta Government regarding the true aspirations and object of struggle of the people of East Timor supported by the international community in order to achieve "independence", because independence is the unquestionable right of every people; in this view, this change of policy is an obligation of the Jakarta Government!

However, taking into account the reigning condition of timorese society during these 23 years of Indonesian military occupation, especially during the late months where Indonesian military in a deliberate strategy to sow divisionism among East-timorese is arming para military groups, who will fight and assassin their own pro-referendum brothers, creating a condition that may lead to a civil war,

we, hereby, demand the moral responsibility of the Indonesian Government to disarm and dismiss these ABRI sponsored paramilitary groups and, on the other hand, work in cooperation with the CNRT, Portuguese Government and UNO in order to create an atmosphere of long-standing security and peace in East Timor, before Indonesian withdrawal from the territory.

It is our desire getting rid of the Indonesian Government and Military from our beloved Motherland, but we just do not admit ABRI to leave its weapons to members of our people, just as Portugal have done in 1974-1975. Because it would a desperate, emotional and irresponsible action.

We hope that the Habibie Government which is currently leading a big nation which is developing democratic values to opt for an wiser and gentle attitude in dealing with the East Timor issue.


Thank you.

LP Semarang, 29 January 1999


1) Francisco Miranda Branco

2) Geregorio da Cunha Saldanha (acting as the General Secretary of OJETIL/CRNJT)

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