Subject: Internecine strife
Date: Sun, 10 Jan 1999 19:17:24 +1100
From: Geoffrey Heard <>

União Democrática Timorense TIMORESE DEMOCRATIC UNION MEDIA RELEASE For immediate release: 6 pm AEST, Sunday 10/1/98 Hundreds flee to Dili as Indonesia promotes internecine violence Hundreds of East Timorese opposed to the continuing occupation of their country by Indonesia have fled from outlying centres to Dili to escape the threat of pro-integrationist gangs armed and backed by the Indonesian army. At least two people have been killed and another eight wounded, four seriously, in an attack by Indonesian-backed and armed gangs on East Timorese independence supporters at the inland centre of Ainaro, south of Dili. Similar attacks have been reported from Alas, following the recent Indonesian army massacre of more than 40 people there, Same, Suai, Fohoren, Laclubar, Viqueque and some smaller centres. The General Secretary of UDT (Timorese Democratic Union), Domingos D'Oliveira, said the Movement for Reconciliation and Unity for East Timor had reported more than 1000 known refugees had fled to Dili in the past four days. About 300 are camped in and around the home of Movement member, Manuel Carrascalão. Others are with family and friends. With food short throughout East Timor, the Movement has appealed to Timorese overseas for financial help to support the growing number of refugees from the escalating violence. Mr D'Oliveira said the Indonesian army has armed pro-integrationist Timorese with "white weapons" - knives and spears - and set Timorese against Timorese in its latest attempt to squash the movement attempting to peacefully end the 23 year old Indonesian occupation of the Island nation. At night, criminal gangs armed with these weapons and masked to avoid recognition were breaking into homes and attacking unarmed East Timorese families who were known supporters of the movement calling for the withdrawal of Indonesia from East Timor and the right of East Timorese to a referendum on their future. Mr D'Oliveira appealed to democratic governments throughout the world to support the East Timorese in their struggled to rid themselves of the horror of daily attack, rape, torture and murder inflicted on them by the Indonesian army and its lackeys. He appealed to humanitarian bodies to provide help to the refugees now streaming into Dili, particularly food and medical assistance, as the Bidau hospital in Dili is now reported out of medicine and lacking competent doctors. FURTHER INFORMATION: João Carrascalão, President, UDT % (08) 9384 7943 Issued on behalf of UDT by Geoffrey Heard & Associates Melbourne, AUSTRALIA

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