Human Rights Violations in East Timor

March (and later)

UA 20-99 EAST TIMOR Arbitrary arrest- fear of torture
AI UA 20-99 EAST TIMOR Arbitrary arrest
Increase in Acts of Violence - in early 1999

AI EXTRA 17-99 INDONESIA Risk of torture or ill-treatment
AI EXTRA 19-99 INDONESIA Possible disappearance
AI EXTRA 19-99 INDONESIA Possible disappearance
Congressional Caucus on Human Rights in Indonesia & ET
Amnesty I UA 37-99 EAST TIMOR Fear of torture
U.S. Department of State Indonesia Country Report on Human Rights Practices for 1998 released by the Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor, February 26, 1999.

Political Prisoners in ET - scrutiny of three Presidential amnesties
Diocesan Justice and Peace Commission - Summary of rights violations in East Timor
Urgent situation in East Timor
EAST TIMOR Extrajudicial executions

AI UA 299-98 EAST TIMOR Fear for safety- arbitrary arrests
Alas Women's Testimony

AI Says Indonesia Losing Sight Of Human Rights
AI UA 306-98 EAST TIMOR Fear for safety

Hundreds of people flee their homes in E Timor
Calamity befalls the people of Maliana
ETObs- FA02 - Alas no exception to the rule!
SOLID-NET - Human rights abuses in Timor have intensified

Human Rights Watch - 1998 Year-end review of Indonesia

ETHRC UA 14/98PR: Progress Report 
ETHRC UA 15/98: Rape and Extra-judicial Execution 
ETHRC UA 16/98 Ill-treatment of political prisoners
Solidamor release on abductions and killings in Barike 
Urgent alert/ killings in Alas 
URGENT ALERT: Prisoners in Bacau taken away
AI UA299/98 EAST TIMOR Fear for safety 
OMCT N.I. Case IDN/TMP 230798.1/Follow up/Torture  
ETHRC UA 12/98PR2: Progress Report 
UA - Fear for safety in the district of Same  
Names of some of the dead in Alas 

AI FI299-98 EAST TIMOR Arbitrary arrest
Killings, Arrests, Disappearances in Alas, East Timor
OMCT Case IDN-TMP 241198 - Human rights violations in Alas

UA 9/97PR2: Disappearance 
UA 14/98: Arbitraty detention and torture  
OMCT Case IDN/TMP 061098/Arbitrary Detention/Torture 
19 year old ETimorese woman raped, killed   
ETHRC UA 9/97PR3: Progress Report 
AI FI129/97 EAST TIMOR Torture   

16 ETimorese prisoners appeal in Surabaya for help 

AI UA215/98 EAST TIMOR Fear for safety 
ETHRC UA 16/97 PR3: East Timorese prisoners tortured, released 
Case of Mr. Carlos da Costa and Mr. Carlos da Silva  
East Timor: No Solution Without Respect For Human Rights Bi-Annual Report of Human
Rights Violations in East Timor
Indonesia and East Timor: Prisoner Releases  

ETHRC UA 11/98: East Timor killings
AI EX019/98 EAST TIMOR Fear of torture 
Antonio da Costa Mauricio da Costa / Torture and Ill-treatment 
Summary execution of Mrs. Maria da Costa and arbitrary arrests
Concerning the release of Mr. Antonio da Costa and Mr. Mauricio da Costa
East Timorese tortured then released 
ETHRC UA 7/98 PR: East Timorese released
ETHRC UA 2/98PR: Torture 
OMCT f.i. Case IDN / TMP 280598.1 East Timor  
Arrest and detention of 8 East Timorese men  
ETHRC UA 12/98: Arbitrary Detention and Torture  
ETHRC UA 12/98PR: Torture
Two 1965 prisoners in hospital: de Araujo pleads for their release 
Case IDN / TMP 230798 and Child Concern Case IDN / TMP 230798.CC 
AI FI193/98 INDONESIA Fear for safety 
ETHRC UA 13/98: torture and incommunicado detention 
ETHRC UA7/98PR2: Execution and Disappearance

ETHRC Report- East Timorese Political Prisoners
ETHRC Report- East Timorese Political Prisoners (continued)
ETHRC UA 9/98: Rape

Summary of 1st half 1998 human rights violations in East Timor

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