Subject: Bali Post: ex-ET based troops commit crimes in W Timor

BBC Summary of World Broadcasts February 25, 2000, Friday

Overlapping military command criticized 'Bali Post' web site, Denpasar, in Indonesian 23 Feb 00

Excerpt from report by Indonesian newspaper 'Bali Post' web site on 23rd February

Kupang: The Timoris Advocacy and Research Institute has strongly urged the Udayana 9th regional military commander to take a clear stand on the TNI [Indonesian National Military Force] command in East Nusatenggara province. The overlapping TNI leadership command in East Nusatenggara between the Wirasakti 161st Area Military Command and the Wiradharma 164th Area Military Command, which used to be based in East Timor, but now based in East Nusatenggara, was cited by the Timoris Institute as its main complaint to the Udayana 9th Regional Military Command. The Timoris Institute also strongly criticized TNI personnel who used to serve in East Timor for committing various criminal actions in East Nusatenggara.

In a statement signed by Timoris Institute Director Yos Dasi Jawa, a copy of which was also sent to the East Nusatenggara governor and the Regional Council of People's Representatives, the institute voiced its concern over the fate of East Nusatenggara civilians, who continue to become victims of TNI personnel who used to serve in East Timor and now roam freely without any clear command in East Nusatenggara. As reported by the press, various forms of violence have broken out in West Timor following the inflow of refugees since the holding of referendum in East Timor. The situation has worsened to the extent that civilians in West Timor are regularly intimidated and frightened by fierce TNI personnel who continue to ignore existing laws.

"These violent cases by TNI personnel cannot be ignored. The process to deal with these cases as well as the outcome to deal with them must be presented to the East Nusatenggara civilians in a transparent manner," the Timoris Institute statement said...

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