Late March 2000

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March 1 - 11

March 12 - 18
TIME Asia Cover Story on East Timor
Interview with Xanana Gusmão
Rights groups invited to join East Timor probe
Indonesia Faces Dual Assault
Why Falantil Guerrillas Are Now Rebels Without a Cause
US-Indo Military Cooperation Difficult
UN General Says No Joint Patrols With Indonesian Army
Christian Science Monitor series on Battalion 745

Elections possible next year, says UN
A new start- planting the seeds of survival
US Ambassador Gelbard says TNI still supports militias
TNI begins disarming pro-Indon militias; calls to dissolve Kopassus
Respect for UN mission is falling, warns local adviser
East Timor Creates a Financial System Aiming to Reduce Outside Dependence
Apologists Are Revising History to Absolve Jakarta
Aid workers confused by Indonesian deadline to halt West Timor aid

Gusmao to UN- Get Tougher
UN Staff Battle Over E Timor's Independence Policy
Indonesian Rights Lawyers Protest Draft Rights Bill
Pursuing Justice While Not Killing Indonesia's Democracy
Indonesia to clamp down on militia thugs into East Timor
Wahid stands up for military over rights abuses
U.N. seizes weapons smuggled from W. to E. Timor
Militia leader makes secret one-day visit to E Timor
Irish PM in East Timor

March 19 - 25
There's no place like home
E. Timor Refugees to Join Transmigration Program
CPJ- Attacks on the Press in 1999
New legal system slowly emerging in East Timor
Nefarious Militia Leader Keen to Join PDI-P
EU Pledges To Continue Backing E Timor's Development
ADB Approves First Ever Grant To East Timor Of $1 Million

East Timor Investigators To Be Named Shortly -Marzuki
US Officials on Militias, Refugees, Reconstruction
UNTAET Daily Briefing 21 March 2000- False Media Report on Refugees
Ramos-Horta appeals to world for speedy assistance
Gusmao wants Wiranto punished for East Timor atrocities

Unsung Australians Rebuild East Timor
UN Rights Chief- Justice Must Not Let E Timorese Down
UN Strengthens Security Along Timor Border [+Illegal Flights]

Timor's Jungle Fighters Search for New Life
Six Militiamen Arrested In E Timor; Peacekeeper Attacked
Retroactive Clause Scrapped From Rights Tribunal Bill
Indonesian Military Tied To Recent Timor Attacks


CAIBADA VILLAGE: A memorial to the late Victor Belo, a victim of Battalion 745. His widow Silvania Martins Belo and eldest daughter Francisca Martins Belo stand, and kneel, near the spot where he was killed. The Christian Science Monitor traces the brutal last days of Indonesia's Battalion 745 following East Timor's pro-indepence vote.

Christian Science Monitor

March 26 - 31
U.S. on Path to Restoring Military Ties to Indonesia
The Independent on Indon general sued for war crimes
RI hands over E. Timorese refugees to UNHCR
Jakarta Post article on Lt. Gen. Lumintang Lawsuit in the U.S.
Home away from home as nervous wait goes on
E. Timor's Gusmao Opposes Sanctions on Indonesia

US lawyers to sue Indonesian general over East Timor involvement
Militias' Words of Fear Strand E.Timor Refugees in Camps
Final Parade for Dili Killers; Era of Indonesian Army Infamy has Ended
Digest of West .Timor press, March 31 - April 1
Wahid Vows to Act Against Militia in Timor- UN Official
US Military Chief- Indonesia Army Must Be Held Accountable
Timorese Angered Over UN Jobs Deal
Indon probe team to visit East & West Timor- de Mello
Bishop Belo- To rebuild, East Timor needs help

Untrained E. Timorese Must Build a Nation From Scratch
UN administrator pledges East Timorese role in decision-making
Team to work out parting of ways with East Timor
Govt may invite militia into TNI
East Timor Leader Gusmao Meets South Africa's Mandela

Back to School

The Suffering of East Timorese Exiles Is Not Over
Right Trials Could Mean Curtains for TNI's Top Brass

E. Timor Refugee Disaster Looms As Aid Deadline Nears
US Ambassador Urges Indon To Ban Militants From Timor
East Timor Massacre Survivors Find Help in Perth

US Defense Official- E Timor's Success Crucial To Stability
Five militia face murder charges

March 1 - 11


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