Late April 2000

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April 1 - 15

April 23 - 30
UN security force quells clash between East Timorese gangs
Japan offers radios, human resource help for E. Timor
Jakarta Seeks Renewal Of US Military Ties
Downer says jet fighter incident won't escalate
Stumbling Efforts in East Timor  NY Times Editorial
Hope and school is in as E. Timor's children return to play

Militia leader Laurentino Soares jailed for firearms
Indonesia's Wahid Proposes Talks With Australia, E Timor
Indon urges E Timor army members to leave W Timor or resign - UN
Indon police clear E. Timorese of spying for Australian sergeant
East Timor Workers Organise First May Day Public Holiday
US calls Indon's failure to control Timor militia a disgrace
Indon army to start mapping border area with E. Timor
A hymn to Dili, and the diggers who died there

Wiranto to testify on atrocities in Timor
Ashes To Ashes, Dust To Dust Shirley Shackleton (Balibo)

UNTAET wants to restore land records
UN Steps In To Help Defuse Anger Over High Unemployment
UN sees East Timor elections end of 2001
Munir lambasts delay re HR Law and doubts that trials can start in May
East Timor Rises From the Ashes
ANZAC ceremonies in Dili
UN urges Indon to conduct "systematic investigation'' of Timor atrocities
Spy Scandal Mars Wahid's Planned Australia Visit
Social unrest could force UN troop cuts in East Timor
Portuguese premier pledges continued support for East Timor
Can East Timor Forgive and Forget?
Asian Dev Bank approves $30 mln East Timor project

Timorese To Assess Aid Projects
Timor border disputes impede Indo - Aussie relations
A Tower of Babel for East Timorese as They Seek a LanguageNY Times
Timorese Journalists Still Strive for Independence
UN Food Assessment released

April 16 - 22
Ramos-Horta tells U.N. no reprisals, but justice needed
Activists Fined in Canberra Date- Fri, 21 Apr 2000
Indonesia wants South African-style look at abuses- Canadian minister
Aussie WWll vets pay tribute to their brave Timor 'companions'
East Timorese activists stress reconciliation, return of refugees

Forgotten by time, perhaps the luckiest Timorese of all
Australia's $20 Spymaster Expelled from East Timor
Kopassus told to win back public support
Police Face Hard Battle For Timor Recognition
Australia holds tickertape parade for Timor forces.
Forensic tests start on Oecussi bodies

Rights lawyer doubts independent of ETimor Investigation Team
UN force commander offers apology over spy incident
US Ambassador vs. Indonesian Military?
A New Style of Justice to Try Militia Abuses in E. Timor
Portuguese PM to help put new stamp on old colony
Rebuilding Timor's Education System
Ruined East Timor Awaits a Miracle
Timorese Journalists Still Strive for Independence

April 1 - 15
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