Early April 2000 

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April 1 - 15

April 1 - 8
Massacre Horror Lives on For Town of Liquica
Jakarta Agrees to Extradite Suspects to E. Timor
Riot In West Timorese Refugee Camp Leaves 3 Dead-Agency
E Timor human rights investigations proceeding too slowly
Jakarta Troops 'Train Militias for Invasion'
Annan welcomes UN-Indonesia accord on judicial cooperation in East Timor
Digest of West Timor press, March 31 - April 1

Wiranto May Escape Punishment For E Timor - Attorney Genl
Long queues for medical facilities
Indon Asks Int'l Community to Solve E.Timor Refugee Problem
UNHCR agrees to take over food distribution to East Timor refugees
Coffee is the key
U.S. Military Support for Reconstruction Outside UN Chain

US Admiral Sees No Quick Resumption Of Indonesian Ties
Return to Conflict Feared If Timor Militias Remain Alienated

Xanana says Timor government to be secular, to speak Portuguese
F. Sarmento - Timor under colonial rule
Bishop Belo- To rebuild, East Timor needs help

April 9 - 15
Timor's Social Gap
In E Timor, When Tolerance Wears Thin, 'Negotiator' Is Called In
Timor Gap commentary
Cosgrove Favors Truth Commission for E. Timor
World Vision workers strike
UN-TNI Sign Border Accord
Ramos-Horta tells U.N. no reprisals, but justice needed

No Olympics for Timor
JRH speaks at UN Human Rights Commission
Interrogation team to be sworn in
UNHCR again urges separation of soldiers from refugees
Indonesia General Denies Troops Training Timor Militiamen
Australian businesses told to help East Timor with jobs

Portugal gives $50 million
"Moko caught the moment he was recognized"
Amnesty International Urgent Action
Liliana's surgery goes well
Rebuilding from the Rubble
ACTU takes up case of East Timorese CARE workers

April 16 - 30

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