Subject: KMP: Pro-Jakarta Timorese People's Party claims UN recognition

Also: Timor: militia leader apologizes, willing to stand trial

Pro-Jakarta Timorese People's Party claims UN recognition

'Kompas', Jakarta, in Indonesian 6 Jun 00

Kupang: The Timorese People's Party (PPT) formed by pro-autonomy (pro-Jakarta) figure Hermenio da Silva da Costa has been recognized in the new state of East Timor. The PPT, founded in Kupang, East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) on 7th May 2000, now has the chance of participating in general elections in East Timor in the future.

Official recognition of the PPT in East Timor was contained in a letter dated 31st May 2000 from UN Special Envoy Sergio Vieira de Mello, head of the UN Transitional Administration in East Timor (UNTAET), based in Dili. The letter, on UN letterhead, was sent to PPT Chairman Hermenio and also to members of the National Consultative Council.

"I've just received this letter. I'm entitled to feel proud of this, because this letter means UNTAET recognises the presence of the PPT in East Timor for the purposes of promoting the party's political aspirations," Hermenio told Kompas in Kupang on Monday (5th June). "I will go to Dili soon," added the former Chief of Staff of the PPI (Integration Fighters Force) - the military wing of the pro-autonomy (pro-Jakarta) camp, active during the poll period last year...

Timor : militia leader apologizes, willing to stand trial 06/09/2000 BBC 

Monitoring Source: RDP Antena 1 radio, Lisbon, in Portuguese 0900 gmt 9 Jun 00 Text of report by Portuguese radio on 9th June [Presenter] His name is Herminio da Silva da Costa. He is a Timorese pro-integration militia leader. He arrived in Dili today under heavy police security. He made some surprising statements to journalists: he accepts the victory of the pro-independence supporters in the August referendum, if necessary he is willing to stand trial, but believes he has done nothing wrong and he apologized for his friends who may have contributed to the violence in East Timor .

 [Costa in Portuguese] To all intents and purposes it has all been proved. The popular consultation was the proof. There were losers and winners. So, among us there is still a faction, how shall we say, which has not yet accepted the situation, the defeat. I belong to the faction which accepts the defeat. 

[Reporter] Do you think you should be tried for anything you did in Timor ? 

[A] Well, I cannot ask to be tried. It depends, but if there is anything I should pay for I am willing to do so. If there is anything I did that calls for a trial [changes thought] - I think there is a law and it should be implemented. 

[Q] Do you think you did anything you should be tried for? 

[A] Physically, me, no. I apologize if ever any of my friends or anyone from my group did anything wrong - I apologize.

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