Subject: GLW: Letter - Release classified information

Green Left Weekly, Issue #409, June 21, 2000 Write on: Letters to the editor

Release classified information

We, the undersigned, ask the Australian government to release into the public domain all information it has relating to crimes against humanity committed by the Indonesian military in East Timor.

Those responsible for atrocities carried out in East Timor, illegally occupied for 24 years, must be brought to justice. We owe it not only to the East Timorese but also to the people of Indonesia, and to ourselves.

The continued domination of Indonesia by the military represents a threat to the wellbeing of all the archipelago and beyond.

We therefore request that all classified information relating to the Indonesian military's crimes be immediately declassified and made publicly available, in accordance with established international practice.

Signed by: 
Gillian Armstrong, film director
Dr Faith Bandler, writer
Rabbi Jeffrey Barnet-Kamins, Chair of Council of Progressive Rabbis of Asia, Australia and New Zealand
John Bell, actor
Bob Brown, Greens senator
Jane Campion, film-maker
Bryce Courtenay, author
Peter Garrett, president, Australian Conservation Foundation
Bruce Haigh
Alan Jones, broadcaster
Ramona Koval, writer
Max Lane, national coordinator, Action in Solidarity with Indonesia and East Timor (ASIET)
Prof Marcia Langton,
Chair of Indigenous Studies, University of Melbourne
Rodney Lewis, lawyer;
Sandy McCutcheon, writer
Andrew McNaughtan, convenor, Australia East Timor Association
Leo McKern, actor
Josephine Mitchell, religious educator;
Gordon Moyes, Superintendent, Wesley Mission, Sydney
John Pilger, journalist/film-maker
Rev Ray Richmond, Pastor, Wayside Chapel, Sydney;
Shirley Shackleton, specialist writer on East Timor
Robyn Williams, broadcaster
Judith Wright, poet and writer
Stephen Langford, secretary, AETA NSW

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