Subject: Lusa: Prosecutors Formally Present Reports on 100 War Crimes Cases

East Timor: Prosecutors Formally Present Reports on 100 War Crimes Cases 26 Jun-12:50

Prosecuting attorneys for Dili, Baucau and the Oe Cusse enclave formally turned over investigative reports on about 100 cases of war crimes and human rights abuses Monday to East Timor's UN administration. The cases involve war crimes and abuses committed last year by anti-independence militiamen during the territory's self-determination plebiscite from Indonesia. UNTAET has already taken the first steps towards the creation of local tribunals to try cases of what it has termed "serious crimes." The future tribunals, Dili sources said, would likely consist of three-judge panels, one of whom would probably be Timorese, while the other two would be international jurists, possibly with experience on the Rwanda genocide tribunal. About 95 people are currently held in East Timorese jails on suspicion they participated in the scorched-earth militia campaign that killed about 1,500 people last year, UNTAET souces said.

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