Subject: WA: Students Ready To Forge Youth Link

Students Ready To Forge Youth Link Susan Hewitt

06/28/2000 The West Australian Page 14

TEN Notre Dame University students will set off for East Timor next week, taking the first steps towards forging long-term links between the university and the newly independent country.

The students will teach English in rural communities for a month as part of their course requirements.

David Platt and Brother Peter Harney, from the university's voluntary work coordination centre, visited East Timor earlier this year and met village representatives to discuss how students could help.

"The feeling we got was that the students might be able to inspire enthusiasm in the young Timorese," Mr Platt said.

"The elders told us that if we could teach English that would be a big help but we also got the feeling that the youth will be the real push for the future of the country." Lindsay Dodd, 19, said the trip was a chance to establish links with East Timor and bring a message home to WA.

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