Subject: U.S. keeping Army out of resumed military aid

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Jakarta Post May 28, 2000

U.S. keeping Army out of resumed military aid

JAKARTA (JP): Minister of Defense Juwono Sudarsono confirmed on Friday the United States did not include the Army in the gradual normalization of military ties with Indonesia because of a lot of "unfinished business".

Juwono told reporters that while other military services were being approached by the U.S., the Army was not included in joint military training or support because it was still under scrutiny in many incidents.

"Frankly speaking, the Army has been in the spotlight lately because of too many problems," Juwono said.

The Army has been accused of involvement in most alleged human rights abuses across the country.

The U.S. earlier this week signaled it was taking preliminary steps which could lead to normalization of military ties which were suspended following the mayhem in East Timor in September.

Juwono said full military ties could be resumed only if the Indonesian government managed to settle East Timor border problems and with an improvement of civilian supremacy over the military.

"The Indonesian Navy and National Police in the near future will receive several (types of) support from the U.S. government," Juwono said, adding the realization would be next month. The support will mainly cover the purchase of military equipment and spare parts.

"Besides military equipment, for the National Police there will be training, especially on human rights issues," he added.

The training for the police will focus on the establishment of a responsible and accountable judicial system for criminal and human rights abuses cases, Juwono said.

Juwono explained that joint Air Force exercises could be held in late July, perhaps in the Maluku islands.

"Hopefully, the U.S. will consider helping the Air Force and the Army in the next two or three months." (dja)

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