Subject: UNTAET recommends Human Rights Principles

UNTAET recommends Human Rights Principles


Dili, 24 August 2000


UNTAET's Human Rights Unit and the East Timor Jurists Association have recommended six human rights principles to the on-going CNRT congress, which is being attended by almost 500 delegates from all the districts.

The recommendations, described as fundamental for the future of East Timor, were formulated during a human rights workshop attended by Mary Robinson, the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, in Dili on 7-8 August.

The principles are:

Non-discrimination and equality before the law;

Freedom of expression, association and assembly;

Economic, social and cultural rights; ensuring, among other things, that the marginalized and disadvantaged get equal access to credit and other resources, that local production is supported and employment opportunities are created.

Legal protection for human rights with an independent judicial system including the protection of witnesses and victims and the eradication of impunity;

A national constitution, drafted after the popular consultation, that would uphold a full range of civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights of all East Timorese;

Truth, justice and reconciliation, including the setting up of a national truth and reconciliation commission.

UNTAET and the National Jurists Association are urging the CNRT to resolve that East Timor develops a national action plan on human rights.

The recommendations are intended to assist CNRT to implement in practice the principles of its "Magna Carta Concerning Freedoms, Rights, Duties and Guarantees for the People of East Timor", adopted at the founding congress of CNRT in 1998. end

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