Subject: Pro-Integration Statement on Aug 30, 2000

From Pos Kupang Aug. 30, 2000

"E. Timor refugees in NTT Position Statement"

In relation to the first year commemoration of the release of E. Timor from the Republic of Indonesia, thus pro-Indonesian East Timorese in every corner of the archipelago, in Timor Lorosae, and in other places around the world state their position as follows:

1. Request to the Indonesian Representative Assembly to declare every 30 August as a National Day of Mourning because the release of the nation's children born in East Timor from the lap of Mother Pertiwi [Indonesia] and/or a piece of land from the Republic of Indonesia is the result of the strength of an international conspiracy.

2. Pressure the Indonesian government to seriously follow-up on the Parliament's decision V/1999, particularly giving special attention to E. Timorese who continue to be consistent in their political choice and retain their Indonesian citizenship.

3. Demand clarification from the Indonesian Minister of Foreign Affairs in relation to his statement that the Indonesian government wants only to provide for 50% of pro-Indonesian East Timorese and the other 50% are encouraged to go home to Timor Lorosae because this is definitely a one-sided judgement that clearly abuses the freedom of people to choose to stay in Indonesia, no matter how many, as strengthened by Parliament's V/1999 decision.

4. Request the Indonesian People's Representative Assembly and the Indonesian government to determine a region for the relocation of pro-integration East Timorese by making ready a minimum of infrastructure along with declaring this region an autonomous territory that will probably rise to become a province. This will simultaneously be an act of respect and honor for those who struggled for the integration of E. Timor and would also oppose world opinion and show that Indonesia actually never had territorial ambitions in E. Timor 23 years ago.

5. Request the Indonesian People's Representative Assembly to pressure the Department of State to find the best way to penetrate and attend to Class I and II ex civil servants from E. Timor because at this moment their fate is still in limbo because the office that handles their administration is located only in Surabaya.

6. Request the Indonesian People's Representative Assembly to pressure the Attorney General to examine and try former President B.J. Habibie for his decision to give two options without consulting with the Representative Assembly/Parliament before the creation of reconciliation among E. Timorese so that it cause a humanitarian disaster for the people of E. Timor.

7. Request the Indonesian People's Assembly to pressure BJ Habibie to take responsibility for the suffering of the E. Timor people by providing humanitarian aid to lighten their daily lives, and B.J. Habibie must become the stepfather to tens of thousands of orphans so they can attend school and obtain a proper education.

8. Request to the NTT People's Representative Assembly to demand that the NTT Provincial Government make a public report accounting for its use of aid money given for handling refugees.

9. Pressure the NTT People's Representative Assembly to investigate several cases of two and four-wheeled vehicles that were owned by ex-E. Timorese which have been intentionally confiscated by NTT police who falsified vehicle documents and then sold the vehicles to a third party.

10. Request the NTT People's Representative Assembly to urge the NTT Provincial Government to allocate a portion of E. Timor refugee aid funds to local people who have encountered misfortune due to conflicts between E. Timor individuals and local residents.

11. Demand that the NTT People's Representative Assembly clarify the statement by the Assembly's Commission C member, Servas Lawang, who said that UNTAS is a Movement for Security Chaos (GPK = Gerakan Pengacau Keamanan).

Kupang, 30 August 2000

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