Subject: JawaPos; Kiki says Indonesia only supports political struggle by West Timor militia

BBC Summary of World Broadcasts Commander says Indonesia only supports political struggle by West Timor militia

Source: 'Jawa Pos' web site, Surabaya, in Indonesian 3 Aug 00

Excerpt from report by Indonesian newspaper 'Jawa Pos' web site on 3rd August

Kupang: Commander of Udayana IX Military Area Command Maj-Gen Kiki Syahnakri said in Kupang on Wednesday [2nd August] that TNI [Indonesian National Military Forces] and the Indonesian government were only supporting the struggle of pro-integrationists through political means and did not agree with claims that West Timor (East Nusa Tenggara-NTT) had become a base for militia activity.

Syahnakri was reiterating comments by President Abdurrahman Wahid "Gus Dur" when he visited Kupang some time ago.

"We are opposed to their struggle being conducted through violence or for NTT to become a base for pro-integrationist militia," he said.

He said if their struggle were through political channels it should not be a problem where militia were situated, even if they were in the NTT province.

However, it would be a serious problem if they continued violent struggle with the use of weapons and using NTT as a base.

According to Syahnakri, their struggle would be more effective through politics. The commander said that at the moment there was a new awareness amongst the people of Timor Leste [East Timor] which could become an opportunity for the return of integration.

In addition, he said, the UN have provided them with an opportunity through politics to push their agenda with the formation of political parties to participate in the general elections of Timor Leste.

Therefore, TNI will attempt to create an awareness amongst pro-integrationist militia that the violence should stop and their struggle would be better directed at the formation of political parties...

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