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August 19 - 31

August 13 - 19
Timor Anniversary Marred By Agencies' Insensitivity (Op-ed)
Fear of militia again grips border villagers
US Ambassador Warns- Guerrilla War Feared in East Timor
UN Force on High Alert as Timor Militia Stalk
Jakarta to name Timor violence perpetrators by Wednesday

East Timor to put its clocks forward one hour
TNI 'powerless to disarm militias'
Militias demand partition
Kiki defends military, blames CNRT
Gusmao to turn over Falintil command to deputy
East Timorese militias and UN peacekeepers clash

New Broad-based Party Gathering Influential Support
More on counterfeit cash for ET case
Criticizing Gusmao Is Political Suicide, Ramos Horta Warns Fretilin
Security stepped up, militia sighted in Dili
Migration body repatriates 144 E Timorese refugees from W Timor
Ramos-Horta urges UN force to chase militiamen to "their lair"
Don't blame us for the militia attacks- Jakarta
Australia offers funds to help close W. Timor camps

Victorian teachers may help in Timor
Shihab says Indonesia to close Timor refugee camps within months
Pro-Indonesian Militia Stronger Than Ever
Peacekeepers Alert, Security Context Unchanged - Vieira de Mello
Olympics hold no fears for East Timorese survivors
More Trouble In East Timor
Meeting hopes to kick-start return of E. Timor refugees
Comittee Supports NZ's Robson's Criticism of Indo Military
Cafe Culture Only for East Timor's New Elite
Wounded Australian soldiers recovering in E. Timor hospital
Wahid, Megawati, Mandela, Howard invited to E. Timor independence day
Profile of Earl Candler: U.S. policeman shot last year in E Timor

August 6 - 12
UN pull foreign staff out of W. Timor border town; Refugees face militia terror
UN force prepares for surge in militia attacks
ALERT: Jafar Siddiq Hamzah missing
Indon Militias Target U.N. Forces in E. Timor
Drawing the Line with Jakarta

UNTAET on Selection of National Council
Malaysia Preparing to Open Liaison Office in E Timor
Indo minister says rogue military may be aiding militias
UN's Annan tells Indonesia to halt infiltrations to East Timor
Mandela on guest list for East Timor's anniversary
Dili film-maker denied entry to Australia
Deaths of soldiers in the Timor peacekeeping force

Militia fears halt road aid project in E. Timor
Life in Dili Stabilizes, say Australian Gov't
U.N. admits large militia presence inside East Timor
Militia oppose UN inquiry into soldier's death
Jakarta afraid of cracking down on militias, says UN
Indonesia to name main suspects in Timor violence
Fishing gear to Timor
Australian patrol captures East Timor militiaman
Atrocity Trials 'Urgent, Vital' - UN Rights Commissioner
Xanana asks Timorese Popular Party to immediately form reconciliation forum
Asbestos Contamination Overshadows Reconstruction Efforts
Kiki says Indonesia only supports political struggle by West Timor militia

Now available La'o Hamutuk Bulletin Vol. 1, No. 2: 17 July 2000 with articles on Protecting East Timor's Environment; Environmental Health and Asbestos; Evaluation of Humanitarian Aid Process Released by UNTAET and more.

August 1 - 5
Asiaweek Interview With East Timor's Gusmao and Ramos-Horta
May Need War Crimes Tribunal In E. Timor -UN Official
Chinese businessmen in East Timor under threat
Militia Delegation to Test Repatriation Safety in Visit
UN Urges Indonesia To Disband Militias Harassing E Timor

UN Peacekeeper Killed In Explosion In East Timor
Militia shot in E.Timor had Indonesia equipment-UN
Indonesian special forces 'killed UN peace-keeper in East Timor'
First student congress held in Dili
Australia--East Timor Energy Royalty Talks Pushed Back
200 E. Timor refugee families eat forest cassava

Militiaman's Death a Warning to Infiltrators, Says UN Chief
Justice in East Timor Doesn't Look Likely
Gusmao Questions Politicians' Readiness for Democracy, Independence
East Timor faces challenges of nation-building
Australia quietly resumes military aid to Indonesia

Albright and Alwi discuss Maluku, E. Timor troubles
Aid agency warns of food shortage in East Timor
US warns Jakarta- stop sniping at East Timor
UN Warns that Timor Refugees May Have to Fend for Themselves
UN on alert after reports Timor militias plan suicide raids
Portuguese Peacekeepers Provide Falintil Multi-Disciplinary Courses
West Timor (NTT) assembly calls for withdrawal of 744 battalion
Militiamen suspected in border shooting on Saturday

Listen to Pacifica's Democracy Now RealAudio programs and interviews with East Timorese leaders and activists at

Jakarta Post review of George Aditjondro's book on East Timor
Japan's Kono airs concern over death of peacekeeper
Indonesia to register East Timor refugees
Indonesian president orders Timor refugee camps closed
Gusmao launches child immunisation campaign
Gusmao sheds reluctance over first presidency
First diplomatic training course inaugurated in East Timor

East Timor seeks to join Asean, S. Pacific Forum
East Timorese eye Olympic arena after battlefield
Church in Atambua to open reconciliation dialogue
Bikes take off for East Timor
Arrest Warrants for Peacekeeper's Killers Raise Controversy
Australian unions criticise UN over asbestos in East Timor

August 19 - 31
July 2000
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