Subject: PK: Provocateurs hinder return of refugees, W Tim Gov

PK ≠ Pos Kupang

Sat., 2 December 2000

PK ≠ "Provocateurs hinder return of refugees"

KUPANG ≠ NTT Gov. Piet Tallo, quoting provincial police chief Made Pastika, reported that a group of provocateurs who want to raise the Indonesian flag again in East Timor are preventing refugees from returning. In his report to the Ministry of Social, Political, and Security Affairs, Tallo said there were four categories of refugee: 1. Those who sincerely accept the results of the referendum; 2. Those who are uncertain or apathetic; 3. Conservatives, who reject the referendum and want to retake East Timor; and 4. Opportunists who are using the situation for their personal gain. The latter two groups are intimidating refugees and delaying an end to the refugee problem, Pastika said. He added that the statements given by refugees to the Security Council delegation--that they would only return to East Timor in order to raise the Indonesian flag againówere lies.

Pastika also reported that he had held talks with former PPI leaders in an effort to discourage them from interfering with the return of refugees, and expressed his approval of the plan for PPI leaders to hold dialogue with CNRT in East Timor. In regard to the ongoing murder investigation in Atambua (Wanibesak), Pastika said it was difficult to make arrests, because more than three hundred people were involved, none of the refugees are willing to testify as witnesses, and Indonesian law requires very strong evidence.

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