Subject: JP: Mahfud hopes U.S. lifts embargo under Bush

The Jakarta Post December 16, 2000

Mahfud hopes U.S. lifts embargo under Bush

JAKARTA (JP): Defense Minister Mahfud M.D. expressed hope that bilateral ties between Indonesia and the United States government would improve upon the appointment of George W. Bush as the newpresident, affirming his desire for an embargo on military weaponry to be lifted.

"Basically Indonesia and the U.S. have a good relationship. Problems that arise are merely caused by the attitude of officials," Mahfud told reporters on the sidelines of a ministerial meeting on Friday.

Under Bush's leadership, Mahfud was optimistic that a U.S. embargo imposed on Indonesia would soon be scrapped.

"Now, the embargo on transportation vehicles is scrapped but the embargo on military weaponry has not yet been lifted. I hope that the U.S. government can see that we are seriously handling the problems n Atambua, Maluku and other places. Therefore I wishthe embargo to be stopped," he said as quoted by Antara.

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