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Early December

December 24 - 31
Repatriation of East Timorese refugees to resume on January 8
Interview w-Dr. Damien Kingsbury on TNI, Mahfud, Gus Dur
Tragic Tale of a Timorese Life Stolen
Tourists return slowly to East Timor
Human Rights Still A Nebulous Concept in Indonesia
East Timor says no thanks to thongs, teddies
East Timor's Avenues to Justice Blocked

Indonesia Resists UN Questioning of Suspects

Marzuki to brief House leaders on Timor MoU
Indonesian House Could Revise UNTAET MoU On ETimor Investigations
UN barred from grilling TNI troops
Indonesian army chief backs lawyers refusing UN probe over Timor
Questioning on E. Timor mayhem to go on- Marzuki
Indonesian Army, MPs Rally Behind Timor Violence Suspects
Indonesian military lawyers reject joint UN Timor probe
East Timor Suspects Fail To Show For UN Team Questioning

Blind nationalism - Jakarta Post editorial
Empty justice - Sydney Morning Herald editorial

The MOU-Cooperation in Legal Judicial & H Rights between Indonesia and the UN

Phillips Petroleum Upgrades Timor Sea Reserve Estimates 10%
East Timor Looks To Coffee
SingTel firm told to quit E. Timor project
Ruak announces structure of future armed forces
Silent Shame, Silent Witness
Holbrooke Slams UN Peacekeeping on AIDS Prevention

E Timorese "Comfort Women" Seek Justice
Japan WWII Emperor Cited on Slavery
War-time Japanese leaders among those accused at comfort women trial
2 ex-E. Timor sex slaves break silence at NGO tribunal

December 17 -23
East Timor's land rights mess
Shipload of Refugees Home for Christmas
A Family in East Timor Grieves for a Daughter
Portuguese Minister Highlights ´Positive´ Visit
Indonesia Security Minister Calls For UN Return To West Timor
UN Investigator Says East Timor Death Toll May Be 2,000
Timorese refugees 'safe to return'
Australia: Guilty as charged- the Timor verdict
Balibo concert haunted by crimes of the past
Australia denies UN its secret files of Timor terror

Now available La'o Hamutuk Bulletin Vol. 1, No. 3: 17 November 2000 with a focus on "Building a National Health System for East Timor."

Listen to Pacifica's Democracy Now RealAudio programs and interviews with East Timorese leaders and activists at

Weak coffee prices add to fledgling nation's woes
Jakarta, East Timor hail Colin Powell
Indon FM urges rival E Timorese to work towards reconciliation
Bali migrants from E.Timor occupy office of governor

Teachers protest
Ramos-Horta optimistic, pragmatic on E.Timor future
Gusmao Congratulates Bush, Seeks Strong US Ties
Gough got gamble wrong in '75
Gusmao and Belo on collision course over justice
'Fragile Peace' Goal of East Timor
National Council Motion on Labor

Early December
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