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July 1 - 15
August 2000

July 23 - 31
Timor militia bordering on comeback
Malaysia expresses concern on East Timor camps
U.N. concerned on E. Timor security, Jakarta urged to help
Peacekeeper's Death Underlines Lack of Security - Bishop Nascimento
NZ Foreign Minister Appalled At Timor Bounty Report
New Zealand soldier found mutilated in East Timor
East Timor rebels 'put a price' on Anzac heads
Black Hawks boost Timor firepower


Now available La'o Hamutuk Bulletin Vol. 1, No. 2: 17 July 2000 with articles on Protecting East Timor's Environment; Environmental Health and Asbestos; Evaluation of Humanitarian Aid Process Released by UNTAET and more.

Statement of Senator Wellstone
Rival E. Timorese factions agree to work towards refugee repatriation
Death of Peacekeeper is Challenge to UN and Wahid - Matan Ruak
Bounty paid to soldier's killers, says UN
Asian Ministers call for Timor militia to be reigned in
8 suspects in death of Kiwi soldier
Unanswered questions on transition
Killing pushes UN to drop plan for early withdrawal
Indonesian defence ministry party to massive forgery- report
Indonesia Court Frees Timor Militia Leader After UN Call
Disciples of Christ- Resolution on E Timor
Aid Mission by the U.S. Revives Tie to Indonesia

UN Tells Indonesia To Crack down On Militias
Timor leader blames Indonesia for death of New Zealand soldier
Shirley Shackleton on Death In Balibo
New Zealand urges Indon to track down peacekeeper killers
Indonesia condemns killing of NZ soldier in E.Timor
East Timor militiamen stage protest against unrest probe
All eyes on sight saviours in rush for help in E.Timor

E Timor Wants To Start Talks For 2001 Asean Entry
East Timor seeks Asean entry
Chilly welcome for Indonesian investigators in E. TimorPro-Indonesia East Timorese to discuss Wetar Island move

July 16 - 22
E.Timor notorious leader still free while UN deals with jailed militia
Wahid still best man for Indonesia, says Horta
Timor to seek membership of ASEAN, South Pacific Forum- Ramos Horta
UNHCR Withdraws From Betun Camp in West Timor
Japan grants $27.5 mil. to E. Timor to fix infrastructure
Indon legal activist fears safety of East Timor carnage witnesses
IMF Official Outlines Pitfalls In East Timor Aid Effort
East Timor needs skilled workers
Change in command for Timor force


Listen to Pacifica's Democracy Now RealAudio programs and interviews with East Timorese leaders and activists at

Tourism to be major focus for reconstruction
Collusion in East Timor
Calls to help rebuild East Timor
The long shadows of occupation
No need to summon Gen. Tyasno on Counterfeiting

East Timor Press Web Project
At Least 547 Refugees Have Died In Indon W Timor- Governor
UN's refugee commissioner lashes out at camp violence in W.Timor
Timor- Labour Party protests against UN "favouritism"
Spotlight on landmark case of 1,650 E. Timorese asylum seekers
East Timor to Join CPLP- Gusmao
Cohen Says US Reestablishing Military Ties With Indonesia
AIDS Report Conducted, Nat'l TB Training Program

Land Disputes Disrupt E. Timor
SRSG's speech- Radio UNTAET interview on new Cabinet
Dilor and Umalolu Update
Democracy Now! Transcript - East Timorese Aderito Soares and ETAN's Karen Orenstein

July 1 - 15
August 2000

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