Subject: IMPETTU Press: Nov 2000

Received fromThierry Basset-IT Coordinator ( NGO Forum-FONGTIL Dili, East Timor


WORKERS' RIGHTS. Timorese workers salary must be equal with international salaries because we know international salaries and we don't like UNTAET actions in East Timor because they can't give free but they muffle for Timorese people so we can't develop. Therefore, we hope UNTAET and all Timorese leaders look at our lives. Some Timorese get work in UNTAET, but they must pay 10% tax to UNTAET. UNTAET don't pay tax. We think that idea is very bad and UNTAET profits from Timorese workers. ( Agapito Da Costa)

THE SANTA CRUZ MASSACRE During the Indonesian occupation in East Timor in 1975, many destructive events happened, such as The Santa Cruz Massacre. Many Timorese died at the time so we call them "Timorese heroes". The date the heroes died was 12th, November 1991. But Santa Cruz was not the only massacre; many other acts of violence happened before and after Santa Cruz. The Indonesian military some times decided that the pro-freedom or pro-referendum people must be killed. Therefore because of their action Timorese people don't like them. Then Timorese people got support from international countries, so Timor is free now. (Agapito Da Costa)

WOMEN'S RIGHTS. Timorese women expect to the leaders of Timor and UNTAET to keep and protect their rights. Some of the women want to keep the Timorese culture but a few of them maybe want to become prostitutes. There isn't a place for them. Last week at Dili central market there was a big demonstration against a couple of women who were not dressed appropriately. Perhaps some people thought they were prostitutes. ( Agapito Da Costa)

EDUCATION. Education in East Timor at the moment is not well, because the government of UNTAET and the leaders of CNRT do little or don't seem to care about education for the future generation. So we ask the future generation to feel disappointment to the leaders. We want education and it must be free! We always ask all leaders about education in East Timor but not one leader can hear us. We hope that soon we can all have an education. Education is very important for us, because the future of East Timor is in our hands. If the East Timor generation does not have a good education what hope is there for the future. Our generation is very sad because at the moment we don't know about our future. We do know that a good education is part of our future. ( Nelson De Araujo)

STUDENTS I am very sad about education in East Timor, because UNTAET has already been here for a year but for students not much has happened. When can education for students begin? Our country has intelligent people, but education is necessary to develop that, so this new country can move well in the next period. Many young have no work, not with NGOS nor with UNTAET. The Government quickly opened the University in East Timor, so now there again problem which makes many people unable to do anything. ( Salvador Rosario)

NATIONAL IMMUNIZATION REPORT This year, some doctors from other nations, came to East Timor and they are collaborating with East Timor doctors. They are also giving service to East Timor people. First of all, doctors met for a small concert in a park beside Motael church. One of the East Timor doctors, Dr Domingos Alves talked about Immunization. He said Immunization is very important for children under 5 years. If we don't immunize children under 5 years, they could be attacked by polio. Therefore, we must give service to children. ( Maria Imaculada)

WHY DON'T YOU STOP CRYING, TIMOR? If we go around Dili town, we will find many young people, men, women, also children swarm there. Maybe if you see them, you'll ask yourself, 'What are they doing? Why do they swarm there? Do they have a job? Is there any study for them to do?' I think there's a long answer for those who want to think about it. East Timor has independence. East Timor is free from the Indonesian intervention. But is this independence and freedom only for the elite, the upper class and the intellectuals? Those who think they can answer, should look to themselves. If you walk around Dili, or other places in East Timor, you will hear 'East Timor's crying.' And you can't say 'Stop crying Timor!' You must try to make all Timorese happy, to laugh with you. East Timorese need jobs, need training for jobs, need study opportunities, need buildings, etc. Many other countries have helped East Timor to stop crying, but domestic people don't seem to care about it. Some people try to find jobs with no success and for whatever reasons. Others find jobs easily, even though they have no qualifications or skills. Maybe Nepotism still exists as it did during the Indonesian period of oppression. Why did we fight for independence, if we don't want total independence? There are many reminders of the Indonesians bad system. However, it's still the beginning; we don't know about the future. But we can say 'DON'T CRY TIMOR!' Don't say 'NEVER' to its youth. ( Ubaldo Da Silva M)

The Roles of NGOs in East Timor As we know, an NGO is an international non-government organisation. Since last year many NGOs came to East Timor. They can be expected to help us rebuild and improve our life, destroyed by the militia and the Indonesian Army. Our economy, houses, electricity, roads, jobs and so on were all destroyed. It's very important for Timorese people who live in the villages, but until now nothing has changed reality in East Timor. According to our view, it's almost one year since NGOs came to East Timor, but we don't see rebuilt buildings every day or everywhere. We always see many cars in Dili, but what do their occupants do, apart from driving too fast? (Samuel Morais)

Education We know that education is a process of learning for a purpose. In education, age doesn't matter. Even old people can start or continue to study. In East Timor now, the quality of education has declined because there are fewer teachers, less equipment, books, tables, chairs,and other study facilities. Maybe there are fewer teachers because of smaller salaries and poor facilities. If East Timor's people want to have a good education system, they must find help outside. (Pascoela Dos Santos)

Now East Timor has had one year of independence. How much development has UNTAET done? There have been many changes, for example more cars in the market, and many international staff or local staff from overseas go back and forth on the road. What intentions did they have before they came to East Timor ? Why do workers of foreign businesses employ only small number of Timorese workers? Why are the salaries so very different ? Timorese local staff gets 10% of the salary of the foreign local staff besides, many complaints come from the population about UNTAET? There are only promises and promises but no measures to overcomen them. And another question ! Where do the assistance funds from foreigners to assist Timorese go to? Perhaps all of it is used to pay the foreign local staff. UNTAET has created unemployment in East Timor, because Timorese do not have not an opportunity to get a job, and UNTAET seems to pay no attention.

A REMEMBRANCE OF THE MASSACRE AT SANTA CRUZ CEMETERY One event of history is never forgotten. On 12th November 2000, special day for Timorese people, many people and leaders joined in a procession from the Motael Church to Santa Cruz Cemetery to strew flowers to remember 9 years ago. On that sad day there was a big demonstrastion in East Timor, and many young people were killed by the Indonesian Military, because the young people wanted the Indonesian Government, to leave East Timor. They struggled against Indonesian Law and its lack of human rights, since its invasion in 1975. But it wasn't the first demosntration on. It continued when the pope visited East Timor and many people all of districts attended to receive the pope in Dili. The demonstration was agreed to. The pope said to the Timorese people that they would become salt of the earth and a candle to be lit be on earth. We will keep them sacred in Timorese history, although they weren't political leaders, they struggled and sacrificed themselves for our land. They are heroes of Timorese people.

WORKERS' RIGHTS At present East Timor is free from the Colonialism of Indonesia. So, probably for two or three years East Timor will be under the UNTAET government. After that, East Timor will get total freedom. It means that East Timor can finally govern it self. Now UNTAET has been here for a year, but they seem to be doing little about development in East Timor. In fact, each UNTAET member in East Timor has a big salary, and they receive US$109 per day for lunch money while, Timorese worker does not earn this much money in a month. It is also done by businessmen. Now they are opening factories in East Timor and they need some Timorese workers but what happened? No one from the Leaders of CNRT seems to care about the worker Rights. (Sabino Da Costa)

The National Government. (Nalia Soares)The national government in East Timor is the people of a country that has a government. This country needs a government because there has to be some kind of organisation to protect the people and help the people work together. Each country that has a government needs clever men and women for the organisation. A republic or a democracy like ours needs a national government. This new nation must organise a government. What the Indonesians did during 24 years of rule, is to shatter East Timor. Now we need to look at the president, the parliament, the ministers, education, laws and all else needed to form a good government. Most important are citizens rights and needs and perhaps good trafffic laws.

IMPETTU IMPETTU (Ikatan Matiaswa Pelajar Timor Timur) is a key organisation for East Timorese students who studied and continue to study in Indonesia. IMPETTU sought independence for East Timor by resistance to the Indonesian Gpvernment and the militia, and by continuing the struggle for democracy and human rights. Its aims are to study and fight for independence for Timor Lorosa'e. Its primary principles are peace, justice and human rights.

IMPETTU began in 1982 in Bali (Indonesia) with only 20 mambers. After that IMPETTU expanded to 2000 members. Now it has 2,500 members, and it is the only organisation that assists Timorese students studying in Indonesia. After the Popular Consultation, the militia destroyed and paralysed, people's lives, homes, workplaces and occupations. It is now difficult for young people to find work or have a place to receive training or an education.

Independence ( Cancio Boavida) UNAMET assisted with the referendum which ended 24 years of Indonesian rule. UNAMET was transformed' to UNTAET and transitional periods began. Reconstruction programs were put in place as were infrastucture programs. Foreign NGOs came in and their solidarity and assistance further helped us.

After more than one year of the transitional program, many young Timorese are still workless. There are sometimes quarrels at Dili Central Market. But East Timorese people feel something different, something that we hoped for, for a long time. LIBERATION. We're now free to do what we want, free to talk, to express ourselves , to think with no intimidation, pressure or massacres any more.

So, many young Timorese don't work, UNTAET programs don't work, there are many foreigners here, intrigues at the top level, economic issues, cultural issues and so on. But we know that we have something more valuable than anything else INDEPENDENCE.

The Central Maritime Hotel Employees Strike. (Sabino Da Costa) Dili. East Timor. 20 Nov, 2000 (IP) More than 170 employees of the Central Maritime Hotel went on strike because some problems happened in this company. These problems happened four months ago, but were never resolved. So the workers went on strike again.

According to the employers, some problems often occur between staff and the departmental manager. Some of these are: Disrespect between departmental manager and staff, no salary increase for fire staff, even though an increase had been promised to them. The workers decided to air their claims on the day of the official opening of the ship. Nov 20th. They will presented their grievances to Xanana Gusmao, Ramos Horta and the director of the hotel, who comes from Bangkok, Thailand. The general manager said that he was unable to respond to the workers demands. However, a meeting was arranged for the following day. Finally, the workers were able to return to work.

Following an English Course. (Tina Periera) During the Indonesian occupation I never followed any courses. However, when East Timor gained independence many courses became available. For example, Computer Courses, Portugese courses and English Courses. Now I follow an English Course at IMPETTU. I want to learn English because it's an international language. It's not easy to learn, but I continue because I want to do interviews and surveys. I especially want to be able to interview some of the many foreigners who are now in East Timor.

Future Plans (Francisco) I'm a student who finished studying in Senior High School two years ago. Now my plan is to continue studying at University. It's so important to my future. I want to call all of my friends in East Timor to say "Please do not waste your youth." I'm continuing my study of English at IMPETTU.

Observations about Money Changers (Salvador Da Rosario) In East Timor, many people become money changers, changing dollars to rupiah and rupiah to dollars. All day they stand in the street, calling out to people to 'Change Money.' They need to do this work in order to support their families. They can't speak English or have any other work experience so they must keep on working as money changers. It's not a very good job, but at least they can make some money from it.

Currently, email is not available to students at IMPETTU. It is to be hoped that that will change. There have been welcome responses to IMPETTU Press and The Student Voice being on the internet. If you are in Dili, drop by and visit us.

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