Subject: Lusa: Ximenes Belo Nobel Peace Foundation Established in Lisbon

East Timor: Ximenes Belo Nobel Peace Foundation Established in Lisbon 8 Nov-21:09

A foundation named in honor of East Timor's Catholic bishop of Dili, Carlos Ximenes Belo, was established Wednesday in Lisbon with the stated aim of promoting the moral and spiritual education of the East Timorese.

Present at the formal institution ceremony at the Lisbon Geography Society, Bishop Belo said he had considered the idea of the foundation shortly after the 1996 Nobel Peace Prize was announced. However, the dlrs 270,000 in prize money was later set aside to support scholarships in Dili.

Bylaws of the 'Ximenes Belo 1996 Nobel Peace Foundation' stipulate that it is established by the bishop of Dili with a starting fund of euros 25,000, and that its property will consist of any subsidies, donations, legacies or inheritances subsequently bequeathed by public or private entities.

Belo said the foundation would also carry out social and charity work, and set up centers for health support and the promotion of women.

"We hope that many East Timorese can benefit from the foundation," the bishop of Dili said. He emphasized, however, that it was a Portuguese foundation, based in Lisbon, and that in the future it expected to benefit people throughout the Portuguese-speaking world.

A branch office will be set up in the East Timor capital Dili. Educational activities will be carried out in both Portugal and East Timor.

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