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Early November

November 26 - December 2
Xanana's resignation denied

UN troops kill suspected militiaman in E. Timor
Unhappy ET leaders threaten to resign from interim admin
Timor's Troubled Waters (Oil Negotiations)
Mother of murdered newsman calls for files
Women fight an uphill battle
Militia Groups Turn Against Indonesian Government
Malaysia supports emergence of stable Timor
Falintil fighters face difficult return to civilian life
European Commission to host Donor Conference in Brussels
Churches Statement on East Timor

The UN Security Council Delegation in E & W Timor

Report of the Security Council Mission to East Timor and Indonesia (9-17 Nov 2000)
U.S. Ambassador Soderberg: Statement in the Security Council on East Timor, November 28, 2000
Indonesia's response to Security Council resolution 1319

No UN agencies to return to West Timor until security improved
UN envoys meet East Timorese refugees
UN delegation declares East Timor ready for independence
UN starts 'critical' Timor mission; urges speedy action on refugees
East Timor's Rocky Road to Full Independence
Security Council Mission Coming with 'Ample Mandate' - UN

ET NGO Forum Statement for UN Security Council Mission
West Timor Humanitarian NGO Forum Memo to UN delegation

Deputy U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Nancy Soderberg, right, walks by the uncompleted Santa Maria Cathedral in Suai, Monday, November 13, 2000. On the left is head of the fact-finding mission, Namibian Ambassador Martin Andjaba. (AP Photo/Simon Thong)

East Timor refugees to choose their countries
Oil & Good Relations Don't Mix
UN sees itself in East Timor well after independence next year
Six suspects in West Timor UN killings flown to Jakarta for trial
Indonesian teachers keen to go back to East Timor
IMPETTU Press- Nov 2000
East Timor Celebrates 1975 Independence
Environmental Experts Visit E Timor
Border crossing easier
Australia to help fund East Timor defence force
The Arrest of Eurico Guterres

Kupang District Court Awaits Eurico
Aitarak Militia Leader Spends First Night in Jakarta Jail
Militia leader claims prosecutor threatens expulsion to East Timor
Making Arrest Only To Please  (GATRA)
UN, Australia Demand E Timor Militia Leader Remains Jailed  
Police Defy Court Order to Release Militia Chief- Lawyer

'Brave patriot' Guterres expects release in days
Dili seeks Guterres' extradition
Guterres to sue Habibie over Timor vote
Militia Chief Eurico Guterres Under Arrest, Jakarta Says
Timor militia leader accuses Indonesian government of disloyalty
Timorese warlord held as militias lose grip

November 19 - 25
Xanana Gusmao - From guerilla fighter to leader of his country, an in-depth radio interview
Gusmao meets pro-Indonesia E.Timor leaders in W. Timor
E. Timor security improving, de Mello says
UN rights chief backs Timor trial plan, but UN tribunal possible
Sydney Morning Herald Twists McCarthy's Comments
30,000 watching as former soldiers return to E. Timor
Portugal Assures 'Basic Training' of Defense Force
Militia chiefs plan reconnaissance trip to home towns in E.Timor
Indonesian president deplores attempted attack on Australian envoy
Danish survey highlights trauma, torture in E. Timor

Now available La'o Hamutuk Bulletin Vol. 1, No. 3: 17 November 2000 with a focus on "Building a National Health System for East Timor."

Listen to Pacifica's Democracy Now RealAudio programs and interviews with East Timorese leaders and activists at

U.N. Should Assess W. Timor Refugee Camp Security- Panel
UN investigator in ET agrees not to resign
Defense, Dissuasion Mission of Future Military - Gusmao

Terrifying Indonesian Army Unit Tries To Remake Its Image
Gusmao Visiting Oe Cusse, Western Areas to Raise 'Consciousness'
Evidence Links Indonesian Top Brass With E.Timor Slaughter
East Timorese refugees screened before boarding boat home
Australian envoy lashes Wiranto over Timor
Australian navy surveys East Timor coastline
Scars of vote violence remain real for many East Timor women
Dili court seeks witnesses of militia crimes
Dili and the imperceptible reconstruction

Early November

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