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Late November

November 12 - 18
Timorese refugees paying to go home, UN says
Talks with militia leaders focus on refugees' return
Militia Get Taste of East Timor Exiles' Hunger
Digging up the past in bid to solve Balibo killings
NZ military say soldier killed in Timor had throat cut, ears removed
Jakarta to host UN murder trial
UN administration moves to evict stallholders
Timorese Pay the Price For Stability
Japan lobbies for high post in U.N. East Timor aid body
Indonesia wants U.N. aid workers back in W. Timor
Facts and fictions about the militias

World Bank, UN, Work On Anti-Corruption Strategy In E Timor
UN forced to free confessed murders
Militia infiltrators surrender, flee from East Timor- UN
E.Timor- Investigators struggle with criminal lack of resources
Dossiers of 14 suspects in E. Timor done
Youths Chase Woman, Stone Security Forces at Dili Market
Refugees half the number claimed by Indonesia- Horta
Independence Date Could Be Set Next Month - Ramos Horta
Thousands commemorate Dili cemetery massacre
East Timor lacks funds for self-sufficiency- cabinet member
East Timor NGO Forum Statement to Donor's Meeting
Now available La'o Hamutuk Bulletin Vol. 1, No. 3: 17 November 2000 with a focus on "Building a National Health System for East Timor."

Listen to Pacifica's Democracy Now RealAudio programs and interviews with East Timorese leaders and activists at

November 5 - 11
U.S. govt scholarships available to East Timorese
World Bank Warns East Timor About Corruption
East Timor refugees cleared to return
Mob Throws Stones At UN Police In E Timor Before UN Visit
Indon province told to secure UN visit
E Timor does not hate Indonesia, says Gusmao
East Timorese accuse militia of widespread rapes
Udayana chief urges East Timorese to abandon violent approach
Security Council Mission Coming with 'Ample Mandate' - UN
East Timorese refugees face land dispute

Ximenes Belo Nobel Peace Foundation Established in Lisbon
UN urged to rescue Timorese refugees
E.Timor recovery due to "rapid and generous" donor response - Annan
East Timor has little time for romance

Weapon of Slain NZ Peacekeeper Turned in by Militiaman
NTT X ­ Condition of babies cause for concern
Finance Minister Explains Budget
East Timor Receives First Oil Royalties From Australia
Budget for Armed Forces Adequate but Insignificant - Matan Ruak
Indonesia To Help UN In East Timor Find Witnesses
East Timorese To Pay Income Tax
Postcards from the edge . . . of war

W Timor Women activists: UN Sec. Council resolution must be implemented
Senate letters re. Eurico and other militia leaders
Guterres gets "Dignity" award
UN restricting atrocities probe to four cases

Late October + November 1 - 4
Justice Delayed In East Timor
Indonesia Agrees to Cooperate on Atrocity Inquires - UNTAET
Environmental Project Launched
Wahid Plans To Visit Australia This Month
UN contacts breakaway militia chiefs ready to squeal
Talks to be held on assets in East Timor

Australian Timor troops face torture claims
Support Urged for Indonesian Leader by Ramos-Horta
Militia leader- "I'm ready to be tried in International Court"
Jane's Intelligence Review- E. Timor- Can It Stand Alone?
Indonesian Army Cuts Aid To E Timor Gangs -Senior UN Peacekeeper
E Timorese Unhappy About Being Sidelined By UN

UNIFEM in E Timor
Tongue-tied in East Timor

The paradox of wealth- East Timor’s coming struggle with the resource curse

Suspects In UN Aid Workers' Murder To Be Tried In Jakarta
Responsibility for Destruction Should Not be Individualized - Gusmão
Refugees Returning Home on Their Own - UNHCR Official
Portuguese Troop Reinforcements Should be Engineers, says Gusmão
Police Chief- "Wild West" Timor Fragile but Under Control
Max Stahl wins Rory Peck Award
Japanese activist fights corruption in East Timor

Indonesia seizes weapon linked to Timor UN death
Indonesia's Relations With U.S. Sour Over Charge of Meddling
International Tribunal the only way forward, says LBH
Free rice increases refugee numbers in W. Timor -report
CONG- House letter on Indonesia-Timor
CNRT representative establishes office with ETDRO in DC
ANU does an about-turn on East Timor
Action for Survivors of Violence vs. Women

Late November

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