Subject: ST: TNI "white paper" claim referendum fraud

ST ­ Surya Timor;

ST (Jakarta) TNI "White Paper" tells of Referendum Fraud (Front Page, 10/10)

Results of the referendum in East Timor are apparently still being debated among the political elite. TNI and pro-integration factions still feel the results should be contested, and are preparing a "white paper" to collect their evidence.

The document includes details of UNAMET's dirty work, as well as that of Australians who posed as tourists and handed out sample ballots already marked pro-independence. Violations on the part of pro-autonomy forces (in response to their frustration at the cheating of UNAMET) are also detailed.

Details of the document were revealed by former Dili military commander Nur Muis in a public discussion. [No new claims appear in the remainder of the article, which reviews the charges Indonesia made immediately after the referendum. The timing of the "white paper" seems more aimed at public relations in the wake of the Atambua tragedy.]

Other news items in this edition include a repeat of UNTAS's call for the government of Indonesia and UNTAET to take a more active role in mediating reconciliation of the pro-autonomy/pro-independence factions; UNTAS also moved quickly to dissociate themselves from the statements of Joanico Cesario and Cancio Carvalho that the militias had been armed and trained by TNI. Every day this week the papers have carried disclaimers saying that these statements were personal opinion and not the position of UNTAS. Finally, Oct. 13 Eurico got into the act, saying that the militia's weapons "were first stolen by the Portuguese from TNI, who then gave them to pro-independence forces. The militias then recovered them from the pro-independence faction."

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