Subject: ST: Confessions of Suspects in UNHCR Murders: It was all for revenge

ST ­ Surya Timor

ST October 14 (Kupang): Confessions of Suspects in UNHCR Murders: It was all for revenge

Most of the suspects in the UNHCR murder investigation say that they acted out of a desire for revenge against UNMET because of its cheating in the referendum. UNAMET was also responsible for provoking CNRT to murder pro-integration members, including the wife and child of one of the suspects, according to Xesco Pareira and Julius Naisama, two of the six suspects who met reporters Friday at provincial police headquarters in Kupang. The reporters were joined by UNTAS officials, who pledged their support for the suspects, saying that they were true heroes of the integration struggle, because they surrendered themselves willingly in order to restore the international dignity of 210 million Indonesians. Julius said that they killed the UNHCR staff out of a longstanding desire for revenge, not only because of the rigged outcome of the referendum, but because the white people had killed their families in East Timor. "At the time of the referendum, I worked for UNAMET, and I know for a fact that the three people we killed worked for UNAMET at that time. They were the ones who told CNRT to kidnap and kill pro-integrationists, including my wife and child.. To this day I don't know where they are buried," said Julius. He added that when he came to Atambua after the referendum, he found that the three were working there for UNHCR. "September 6 was our golden opportunity to kill them and get our revenge."

Another reason for their anger was the fact that UNHCR always favored pro-independence people in its aid.

Xisco Pareira added that ever since the westerners came to colonize East Timor, people were treated inhumanely. Local people were treated like slaves of the Westerners. "From the time we were children until we left East Timor, all we did was serve them. Our freedom was put in chains," Pareira said.

The six suspects (initials of the other four are given as JAD, JM, SX, and JF) are considered to be "75% certain" of being charged with the crimes, although more suspects may be added due to the mass nature of the crime.

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