Subject: Group of Pro-Indonesia East Timorese accept outcome of ballot

A group of hitherto Pro-Indonesia/Autonomy East Timorese have accepted the outcome of the ballot on separation from Indonesia and want to work for reconciliation. To that end on 10 February 2001, they committed themselves to a forum for reconciliation, unity and peace. Below is their declaration.


After seeing, experiencing and feeling the ideological, political and military conflict in East Timor from 1974 until the present time, which in reality has only created suffering and misery for the people, and with complete awareness:

1. That as part of the implementation of the Tripartite Agreement of 5 May 1999 in New York, between the United Nations, the Government of Indonesia and the Government of Portugal, the people of East Timor on 30 August 1999, exercised their Right to Determine their Own Future by taking part in the ballot (referendum) which gave victory to the Pro-Independence side, leading to separation from the Republic of Indonesia.

2. That with the ballot, we have, on the one hand, successfully concluded several fundamental problems surrounding the issue of East Timor. However, on the other hand, it has intensified the conflict and deepened the divide between Timorese who are Pro-independence, that is, independent from the Republic of Indonesia, and those who are Pro-Autonomy or Pro-Indonesia.

3. That after the ballot and the planned, organised destruction of East Timor, it is clear that the people of East Timor hope for and demand a living environment full of friendship, brotherhood, unity and peace as an independent nation, free and democratic.

4. That this ideal situation is still far from being achieved because, among other reasons, the Pro-Indonesia/Autonomy political leaders of East Timor have no sincere desire for it nor give it concrete support, because they are still swayed by speculation and political adventurism, which can only end in prolonging the suffering of the Timorese nation.

Therefore, to help seek and find Political Reconciliation among the people of East Timor, where they can live in an environment of friendship, brotherhood, unity and genuine, democratic peace as is enjoyed by other civilised nations of our world, with feelings of full praise and thanks to the Almighty, we as young activists and intellectuals, following a moderate course, supporting Reconciliation, state that we hereby form an independent forum with the name: 'East Timorese Forum for Reconciliation, Unity and Peace' (Forum Rekonsiliasi, Persatuan dan Perdamaian Rakyat Timor Timur) with a vision, mission and program as follows:

Vision To achieve a future for East Timor that is harmonious, prosperous and developed depends on every Timorese at this time, in a spirit of generosity, respecting and whole-heartedly accepting the Political Decision of the Majority of the People of East Timor in the ballot on 30 August 1999, with national Political Reconciliation involving friendship, brotherhood, unity and genuine peace based on justice.

Mission Work for and actively and consistently give support by concrete means, to create a climate which makes possible acknowledgement and acceptance of the Political Decision of the Majority of the People of East Timor in the ballot on 30 August 1999, based on Political Reconciliation involving friendship, brotherhood, unity and genuine peace with justice.

Program 1. Work to cultivate, in the awareness and spirit of every Timorese, the importance of Political Reconciliation between Timorese who are of different attitudes and ideology, without further challenging the Political Decision of the Majority of the People of East Timor in the ballot on 30 August 1999, through constructive horizontal and vertical dialogue using whatever means are available.

2. Involve ourselves in all forums of dialogue between the Free East Timor and Pro-Indonesian/Autonomy sides, and pro-actively struggle for Political Reconciliation between East Timorese.

3. Continuously help to organise the repatriation of Timorese citizens who evacuated to Indonesia.

4. Help prevent confrontation and any use of violence in the attempts to properly conclude the remaining problems of East Timor.

5. Help organise the permanent support of the people and government of Indonesia and the international community in the various efforts towards political reconciliation between conflicting groups of Timorese.

6. Help encourage the government and people of Indonesia to remain consistent and respect the outcome of the ballot, to ensure good neighbourly relations with East Timor and help the people of East Timor develop their future.

We pray that God will bless this our effort.

Yogyakarta, 10 February 2001

Making the declaration: 
1. Drs. Francisco Lopes de Carvalho (chairperson of the forum) 
2. Sebastiao De Jesua Freitas (general secretary of the forum) 
3. Aleixo Cortereal 
4. Antonio Sales da Costa, BA 
5. Roberto de Jesus da costa 
6. Martinho M. Gonsalves 
7. Pedro Soares 
8. Bendito da costa Sarmento 
9. Marcos da Costa 
10. Manuel Martins 
11. Lourenco da Silva 
12. Francisco Pereira 
13. Domingos Doutel

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