Subject: LUSA: Gusmao Warns of Dangers in Using Youths for 'Political Agitation'

East Timor: Gu[s]mao Warns of Dangers in Using Youths for 'Political Agitation' 12 Feb-13:04

Independence leader Xanana Gusmao repeated warnings Monday of potential political violence in East Timor, criticizing some parties for their "hurry to reach power" and denouncing attempts to instrumentalize unemployed youths.

Referring to "rumors" that youth gangs in Dili were getting arms, Gusmao appealed to political parties "not to use youths as an instrument of political agitation".

Speaking at a Dili seminar on human rights, reconciliation and preparation for future elections, Gusmao made specific reference to the radical group known by the acronym CDP-RDTL, which he accused of "mobilizing youths" for "violent actions" in Dili and other parts of East Timor.

Gusmao pointed to the lack of jobs, regional rivalries and the abrupt more than doubling of Dili's population to 150,000 since the 1999 independence plebiscite as a potentially explosive environment.

Also participating in the seminar, which began Monday, are the head of the United Nations Development Program, Mark Malloch Brown, and the territory's UN administrator, Sergio Vieira de Mello.

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