Subject: TP: PT Akam's Case Open Whose Eyes? (Editorial)

PT Akam's Case Open Whose Eyes? (Timor Post Editorial/20/2/01) from Tetun

Do not underestimate the protest of PT Akam's ex-staff in Dili last week.

It is not only a case of PT Akam not paying its staff, who have a right to protest. It should be viewed as a reaction from the people. The main question is who facilitated the return of PT Akam? Although no one will take the responsibility to answer this question, many people know that the chief of PT Akam has returned with some forms of assurances from CNRT, now CNRT/NC. Even though CNRT/NC is part of the transitional government of East Timor, in reality, it is not the legal authority. However, UNTAET often uses the name of CNRT/NC to "deceive" the people, so as to legalize products without consultations that UNTAET carries out in the name of the people, and in the name of the future of East Timor. If many people know that PT Akam's return is somewhat connected to CNRT/NC, not many people know that UNTAET too passes out many "cards" to its colleagues and friends in Indonesia, disregarding the fact that they had been ex-manipulators of the Maubere people during Indonesian rule. UNTAET or likely international staff, defacto, do more business than the mission work of preparing the people for independence.

If now, the people are crying out against PT Akam, who is responsible? CNRT/NC or UNTAET? In all the cases up to now, both UNTAET and CNRT/NC have washed their hands. Both organs are "holy" and out of reach of the masses even though they work in the name of the people. Both mutually fling allegations at each other. When the people scream at UNTAET, it calls on the East Timorese leaders to calm the people. When the people scream at CNRT/NC , it does not call UNTAET, but explains to the people to be calm, just accept UNTAET's action because the people must understand this is the transition period. Because of all this, we ask that the case of PT Akam be well resolved and also ask CNRT/NC as a national organ to be sensitive to current fast pace of changes that will threaten the existence of the Maubere people.

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