Subject: LUSA: Transition Cabinet Approves Budget Calendar for 2001/2002

East Timor: Transition Cabinet Approves Budget Calendar for 2001/2002 21 Feb-18:19

East Timor's transition administration approved Wednesday the budget calendar for the period 2001/2002, to be presented at a June donors conference in Canberra, and which for the first time includes data on ongoing bilateral programs.

The decision will enable presentation of a document detailing all budget, financial and public resources being channeled to East Timor.

Besides spending data, the package for the coming financial year also includes data on programs financed by the fund managed by the World Bank, and on UN agency programs and bilateral projects.

The aim is to respond to the frequent criticism of East Timorese budget figures, at a time when there are no comprehensive publicly available figures.

JBC -Lusa

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