Subject: RT ­ "Trial of Laksaur commander's murder case underway"

RT ­ Radar Timor Wednesday, 21 February 2001

RT ­ "Trial of Laksaur commander's murder case underway"

KUPANG ­ The trial regarding the murder of Laksaur Commander for Suai-Covalima District, Olivio Mendonca Moruk, began at the Kupang State Court yesterday. The trial is divided into two parts with seven men standing trial: Stefanus Fahik, Yusuf Tualaka, Wilbrodus Kehi, Oktovianus Bere, Yulianus Bere, Thomas Nahak, and Josep Bere. They are being tried on layered accounts. The court house was guarded by Kupang police backed-up by NTT police who tightly guarded the streets around the court house. The prosecutor laid out the case against the accused with a chronology of the murder of Olivio which began with the news on 5 Sept. to Stefanus Fahik from Thomas Nahak, that his brother, Aloysius Bere, had been caught and beaten by Olivio and six of his men at the Weoe market. Hearing this, Fahik gathered all his friends and went looking for Aloysius who at that time had been kidnapped by Olivio. Before leaving, Fahik gathered together his friends under a tree near the Suhi tribe's ceremonial house and told them that if his brother Aloysius wasn't returned and if Olivio put up resistance then they could attack using the swords they had. After receiving this direction, the accused went directly to Olivio's house in Umalorotos. Unfortunately when they arrived they didn't discover Aloysius. They attacked Olivio asking where he was. Olivio drew a pistol and shot Jonisius Neto in the chest. This infuriated the others. Fahik came at Olivio from behind and jabbed him once while trying to grab his pistol away from him. After getting the pistol out of Olivio's hand, Fahik jabbed the front of Olivio's head until he fell drenched in blood. The others took their machetes to his body until he was dead. The accused also destroyed three cars owned by the victim that were parked at his house. After releasing their anger, the accused carried Jonisius to Wanibesak, but he couldn't be helped and he died several minutes after he was given to his family. The first team trying the accused is headed by Yosef Fina accompanied by Nyoman Sudarasana and Frangki Tambuwun. The second team is led by Melkiades Kadju accompanied by Andy Subyantadi and Ganjar Pasaribu. Lawyers for the accused are Gustaf Jacob and Heri Fernandez. The prosecutor is Syamsul Arifin.

[Also covered in PK ­ "Trial of Olivio Mendonza Moruk's murder: 7 accused threatened with death sentence" KUPANG ­ The General Prosecutor, Syamsul Arifin, is trying the accused on Section 340 concerning planned murder that can receive the death sentence.]

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