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Late February

February 4 - 10
News from East Timor Press 10 Feb 2001
Urgent Action on Women's representation to the ET Constituent Assembly
UN Agency Readies Anti-Corruption Program
News from East Timor Press 9 Feb 2001
News from East Timor Press 8 Feb 2001
Germany Offers Vessel to Link Oe Cussi Enclave - Ramos Horta
Fourth Attempt to Resolve Dili Market Chaos
Ramos-Horta on WCC 'Decade to Overcome Violence'

News from East Timor Press 7 Feb 2001
E Timor refugee registration in March
ET's Foreign policy heads west
Defense force will not be involved in Politics

“When E. Timorese understand reconciliation”- church leader
UN Files First Rape Indictments Vs Indonesians In E Timor
News from East Timor 6 Feb 2001
Atambua Accused fail in bid to have trial moved
News from East Timor 5 Feb 2001
U.S. Senate Letter to Powell re. Tribunal for ET
U.S. House Letter to Powell on International Tribunal for ET
East Timorese becoming guests in their own land

January 28 - 31, February 1 - 3
News from ETimor 1-3 Feb 2001
UN holds reconciliation meeting between militia and villagers
U.N. police to beef up patrols amid increasing East Timor violence
U.S. Secretary of State Powell meets Indonesian trade minister
ANZ opens branch in East Timor

Now available La'o Hamutuk Bulletin Vol. 1, No. 4: 31 December 2001 with a focus on "The World Bank in East Timor."

Listen to Pacifica's Democracy Now RealAudio programs and interviews with East Timorese leaders and activists at http://www.webactive.com/pacifica/demnow.html

Solution To Refugee Problem Depends On E Timorese - Task Force Chairman
NGO Forum Statement NC and UNTAET Decision-Making
Indonesian, UNTAET officials discuss Timor borderline issue
Eurico's court hearing comes under spotlight
Changes needed alongside UN extension in East Timor

February 1 - 3
Women face uphill struggle
Vigilante Groups Needed in Interior, Falintil Commander
UN Workers In East Timor Protest Cut In Living Allowance
UN to stay in Timor beyond independence, JRH
UN agency workers go on strike
RI urges UN to lift emergency status in W. Timor
Radio fights campaign of fear as East Timor faces loss of security forces
News from ETimor 29-30 Jan 2001
Jakarta optimistic the US will lift arms embargo
Indonesia Prosecutors Argue UN Murder Case Should Proceed
Impunity vs. Accountability For Gross Human Rights Violations
Conviction in East Timor Falls Short of Calls for Justice
Christopher Hitchens on Henry Kissinger

Late February

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