Subject: ST ­ "Two refugee bishops welcomed by Timor Leste residents"

ST ­ Surya Timor Monday, 8 January 2001

ST ­ "Two refugee bishops welcomed by Timor Leste residents"

DILI ­ The presence of the two bishops from W. Timor, Mgr. Petrus Turang (Kupang) and Bishop Anton Pain Ratu (Atambua), in Timor Leste for several days received an exceptional greeting by about 10,000 Catholics who attended a celebration to close the 2000 Jubilee last Sat. (6/1) in Dili. Their presence was an important moment where those in E. Timor could obtain real and actual information about the conditions for refugees in W. Timor for whom they long. Bishop Pain Ratu took a concrete parable, saying that if a father received news that his son who had disappeared from his home was to return, certainly he didn't give a number of prerequisites for his return, but instead he ordered his family members to prepare an exceptional feast of joy. "This illustration is an example that needs to be followed by the people of Timor Lorosae towards their brothers in refuge." Bishop Turang also preached a message calling for forgiveness: "Now is the moment for all of you to forget the bitterness of your past lives, get rid of your hate towards one another, drop your weapons, machetes, spears, and knives and immediately arm yourselves with forgiveness, peace, and joy in Lorosae land," he said. Bishop Belo expressed gratitude for the two W. Timor bishops coming and for giving attention to E. Timorese in W. Timor. "Let's create an atmosphere of peace among us, both my members in Timor Leste right now as well as my members living in the shackles of refuge. Forgive your neighbor, because in the eyes of God, what is true remains true." He invited E. Timorese to develop their loved country in the New Millenium with full joy and to bury all grief that has occurred. 

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