Subject: Timor Post: UNTAET-Indonesia Establish Human Rights Tribunal (editorial)

UNTAET-Indonesia Establish Human Rights Tribunal (TP Editorial/28/2/01)

During his visit to Jakarta last week, the Transitional Administrator of UNTAET, Sergio Vieira de Mello heard a lot of "recommendations" from Indonesia, including the establishment of a Human Rights Tribunal together with UNTAET. Nevertheless, Indonesia is asking for more time to resolve the human rights cases that happened in East Timor during 1999. UNTAET is imitating what East Timorese leaders have been doing -- silently nodding their heads at whatever Indonesia asks and says, and then returning to East Timor to wait for Indonesia's promises to materialize.

What is the significance in the relations between CNRT/NC, UNTAET and Indonesia? Perhaps, these motions must be carried out in respond to the cries and sufferings of the widows and orphans, who are still waiting for justice to deal with the criminals. The latter had voluntarily committed the acts but said that they were instructed by others to do so. If so, why are there still East Timorese in Indonesia today? Who can deny the existence of pro-autonomy people in East Timor, who owe their political positions to other people¡¦s instruction? No Timorese is brave enough at this moment to say or guarantee if this were so. Due to relations, interest or political ambition in the new East Timor, there are now 'doctrines' from many people, including those who had clearly been traitors of the people and nation.

We only want to say this, in today's situation, we often find persons of principles, who had sacrificed and suffered in the struggle for the wellbeing and future of the people, forgetting - just because they want to become democrats. Some trouble-stirring intellectuals, who are linked to a 'salvation' mission for their relatives, have whispered to them. Often people say that politics is dirty. Nevertheless, we cannot become mere 'puppets' to be pulled in this or that direction. Often people also say that those who choose to be flexible in politics are political persons. Our question is, are you happy or hurt by this type of persons?

We return to Indonesia's promise to perform if given more time by UNTAET. Would that produce results? UNTAET or CNRT/NC are asked to be patient, and accommodate the internal political interest of Indonesia and its people, and to forget East Timorr's interest. This seems wrong!

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