Subject: East Timor press headlines/ 7March 2001

Bahasa Indonesia Headlines -- Wednesday 7 March 2001

  1. Xanana Gusmao: Overcome Conflicts Through Intensive Dialogue
  2. Demands For The Dissolution Of GNR Irrational
  3. Water Agency Not Serving The People
  4. 602 Ex-Indonesia Pensioners To Receive Their Rights
  5. Manuel: ANZ Only For The Rich

1. Xanana Gusmao: Overcome Conflicts Through Intensive Dialogue (Suara Timor Lorosae, Front Page headline)

The President of CNRT/CN Xanana Gusmao said yesterday that intensive dialogue was needed among communities, in particular with the younger generation and their leaders, in order to overcome conflicts.

Xanana said dialogues would be able to repair situations and instill more constructive behaviour for the development of the nation.

"I feel that with this dialogue we will overcome conflicts, in society, together. Through dialogue, we will be able to hear one another," said Xanana when he met youth organizations at the NC Hall.

The youth organizations present at the meeting were Renetil, Objelatil, IMPUT, Sangrada Familia, OJETIL and clandestine groups like 00, 55, 66, 77 and 2020.

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2. Demands For The Dissolution Of GNR Irrational (Suara Timor Lorosae, Front Page second lead)

The coordinator of CNRT/CN's civil security, David Dias Ximenes, said the calls from various sectors for the Portuguese Republican National Guards (GNR) to be dissolved lacked rationality.

"The GNR have been actively involved in keeping the peace and they have been good at it," said David yesterday.

According to the CNRT security chief, the current violence in Dili has been pre-planned by certain elements who are known to Civpol.

"They are planning a scenario to completely disrupt Dili," said David.

"CNRT security also knows these people, but we are not in a position to act because we are not a security apparatus that has been given responsibilities. We only work in the field if requested by Civpol and PKF," he added.

Added David: "The free entry of people from Atambua also creates [security] problems in Dili."

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3. Water Agency Not Serving The People (Suara Timor Lorosae, Page 2 lead)

"For nearly two years, there has not been any clean piped water for residents in Caicoli," said Caicoli subburb chief Laurentino Gincaga.

He told STL that the main pipeline for Caicoli still had not been repaired.

"We reported this matter umpteen times to Water Supply, but till today nothing has been done. It seems that this agency pays more attention to big businesses in Dili, rather than to small people.

A resident, Marina Castro also told STL that she had made several trips to Water Supply asking them to repair her mains but to no avail.

"Each time I visit Water Supply, I'm told they are too busy to carry out any repairs," she said.

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4. 602 Ex-Indonesia Pensioners To Receive Their Rights (Timor Post, Front Page third lead) 

If there are no obstacles, between 15 to 23 March, 602 ex-Indonesia pensioners in Timor Lorosae will receive their back payments through the BNU Bank in Dili or BNI in Atambua and Kupang.

The back payments are from September 1999 to the date UNTAET ends its mandate in Timor Lorosae.

This was stated yesterday by the Head of the Indonesian Consular Representative, Kristo Cahyono to the Timor Post.

He stressed that the 602 were the first batch to receive their pension monies and the rest would be paid in further batches.

"The 602 ex-Indonesia pensioners are domiciled in Timor Lorosae.

UNTAET's Andrew Whitley flew to Atambua and Kupang to consult BNI officials in order to smoothen the bank transfer process.

"UNTAET is negotiating with the Indonesian government to transfer the money fast to the banks," said Kristo.

"It's for certain that between the 15 to 23, the 602 pensioners will get their money," he added.

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5. Manuel: ANZ Only For The Rich (Timor Post, Page 4 lead)

The ANZ Bank which officially opened this month is now being seriously reconsidered by NC member Manuel Viegas Carrascalao.

According to Manuel, the bank is only for the rich and not ordinary Timorese people.

"The ANZ Bank does not accept rupiahs or Australian dollars, and it seems to only serve the interests on UNTAET," he said.

"Does this mean that ANZ Bank is UNTAET's?" asked Manuel.

"Only UNTAET people can afford to deposit in US dollars. So the rest of East Timorese remain poor and hungry," he added.

"If the bank only serves the interests of the rich, why open up in Timor Lorosae? They only want to make profits," said Manuel.

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