Subject: East Timor news headlines/ 9March 2001

Bahasa Indonesia Headlines ­ Friday 9 March 2001

  1. Violence In Baucau
  2. Fretilin Not Behind CPD-RDTL
  3. Judge Carvalho: Americo’s Arrest In Line With Legal Procedure
  4. If There’s No Proof RDTL Activists Have To Be Freed

1. Violence In Baucau: One Mosque Burnt, UN Vehicles Stoned (Suara Timor Lorosae, Front Page headline)

A mosque was burnt and several UN vehicles stoned at a mass unrest, which started on Tuesday night, at the Kota Baru market area of Baucau city.

According to a source in UNTAET’s Political Affairs Department, the mosque was burnt on Wednesday morning.

The UN vehicle of Baucau District Administrator Marito Reis was also stoned.

“On Tuesday night a Civpol vehicle was stoned at the Kota Baru market by a group of people. When Civpol called for reinfocements, five more UN vehicles were stoned. Civpol then had to use force to get to the market area,” said the source.

The Civpol Baucau District headquarters was also attacked.

“A man was arrested by Civpol for carrying a grenade and several rounds of live ammunition,” said the source.

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2. Fretilin Not Behind CPD-RDTL (Suara Timor Lorosae, Front Page side-bar)

Fretilin Vice-President Mari Alkatari stressed yesterday that his party did not have intentions in backing CPD-RDTL in its violent acts.

“Their actions on Wednesday were criminal in nature. They are using the Fretilin flag without our agreement. And we have reminded them umpteen times to stop using Fretilin symbols, but to no avail,” he told journalists.

Mari said CPD-RDTL’s actions on Wednesday were meant to destroy the country.

“That’s against Fretilin’s policies. Fretilin has always fought for the full independence of Timor Lorosae and we want the country to be peaceful,” added the Fretilin leader.

Commenting on CNRT/CN President Xanana Gusmao’s call for CPD-RDTL to come back into the Fretilin fold, Mari said: “The Fretilin door is always open to them, provided they renounce violence. They can be back in Fretilin provided they adhere to our discipline and follow our political program.”

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3. Judge Carvalho: Americo’s Arrest In Line With Legal Procedure (Suara Timor, Front Page third lead)

Dili District Court Investigating Judge Joao H de Carvalho said the arrest of Americo Menezes, one of the three CPD-RDTL activists arrested by Civpol on Wednesday, was in accordance with legal procedure.

“Americo was arrested based on a warrant dated March 7. That warrant was issued by the Dili District Investigating Judge on the orders of Head Public Prosecutor Dili District,” said Joao Carvalho.

On the question of two others arrested together with Americo, Joao Carvalho said the Investigating Judge had yet to issue arrest warrants.

“Please ask Civpol and the Prosecutor on their cases,” Joao Carvalho told reporters.

The two CPD-RDTL activists detained by Civpol are Gil da Costa Fernandes and Camilio.

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4. If There’s No Proof RDTL Activists Have To Be Freed (Timor Post, Front Page headline)

Three RDTL activists, arrested on suspicion of trying to assassinate Xanana Gusmao, Jose Ramos-Horta and Brigadier-General Taur Matan Ruak, are still in Civpol detention.

Civpol has 72 hours to complete their investigation on the three. If after that period they are not brought before a court of law they have to be freed.

Alexandre Corterreal, the Investigating Judge for Serious Crimes at the Dili District Court told Timor Post said if Civpol are confident in their charges then they have to forward the case to the Public Prosecutor and the Investigating Judge for the case to be heard.

“At the hearing, the judge will decide whether the accused will be held further or freed,” said Alexandre Corterreal.

Commenting on whether the arrests were connected with the alleged assassination of Xanana, Horta and Taur Matan Ruak, Alexandre Corterreal said: “It’s the assumption. But on a legal basis how are we to prove they had intentions to assassinate Xanana, Horta and Taur? Did Gil and his friends have intentions of killing Xanana, Horta and Taur? Or were these just rumours?”

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