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Bahasa Indonesia Headlines ­ Wednesday 27 June 2001

1. Xanana cancels trip to meet refugees in West Timor 
2. FDTL Training Center to cost more than Aus$4-million 
3. Kota to campaign for the rights of ex-Falintils 
4. Philippine PKF troops on rotation

1. Xanana cancels trip to meet refugees in West Timor (Suara Timor Lorosae, front page headline)

Former President of CNRT Xanana Gusmao cancelled his trip to meet with refugees in West Timor because the Indonesian government could not give assurances for his safety in the Indonesia-controlled province.

Xanana said this yesterday when he met reporters at the Komoro International Airport.

The independence leader said his team was scheduled to leave today for Mota Ain to meet with several militia leaders and refugees. However, he said, the Indonesian government and TNI could give assurances for his safety.

“On Monday morning, I received a call from UNTAET Chief of Staff N Parameswaran who advised me that the situation in West Timor was not conducive for meeting with refugees and militia leaders to be held. He added Jakarta could not guarantee my safety,” Xanana told reporters.

According to Xanana, Parameswaran also told him that in Kupang there were tensions between the refugees and locals. Parameswaran, said Xanana, wanted the meeting postponed to a later date.

“The Indonesian government in the initial stages supported the meeting. But I think because of the current political climate there, they [Jakarta] did not want to take any risks,” said Xanana.

2. FDTL Training Center to cost more than Aus$4 million (Suara Timor Lorosae, front page second lead)

Building the Training Center for the Timor Lorosae Defense Forces (FDTL) has incurred costs of about Aus$3.5 million.

“We need more than one million dollars to completely have all the facilities here,” said Captain Garry Dunbar from the Defense Section of the Australian Mission.

Captain Dunbar was speaking to reporters yesterday at the inauguration of the FDTL Training Center in Metinaro.

According to Captian Dunbar, by next week the center could be used as a training place by FDTL.

“Next week, the FDTL graduates from Aileu will move to Metinaro,” he said.

The Australian captian admitted that the FDTL Center, at the moment, did not have full facilities. But he said within two weeks the center would be fully operable.

3. Kota to campaign for the rights of ex-Falintils (Suara Timor Lorosae, front page third lead)

The Secretary-General of the Kilbur Oan Timor Aswain Party (Kota) Clementino Dos Reis Amaral said yesterday his party will fight to defend the rights of ex-Falintil fighters.

“This will be the priority for our party. The ex-Falintil fighters must be honored for the sacrifices during the past 24 years which enabled us to reach the gates of independence,” said Clementino Amaral.

Clementino Amaral said Kota was fielding 75 candidates for the 30 August election. Of the 75 candidates, 13 are for the districts.

“The names have already been submitted to the Independent Electoral Commission,” he added.

Clementino Amaral said many of the names were ex-Falintil members.

“This is our way of saying thank you to them for all the sacrifies they made for this country.”

Clementino Amaral also said Kota will camapign for the families who suffered as a result of the Indonesian invasion.

“We will also fight for the rights of orphans, whose parents gave their lives defending this country.”

4. Philippine PKF troops on rotation (Timor Post, front page fourth lead)

Philippine PKF troops in Timor Lorosae are currently on rotation. Six hundred of them arrived in Dili last weekend on two military ships to replace Philippine troops who had finished their six-month tour of duty.

Commander of the Philippine Battalion Colonel Allan Bontuyan said the new PKFs were optimistic that they could carry out their peacekeeping duties to the best of their abilities.

Meanwhile Lt Colonel Richard Lagrana, Commander of the Philippine Batallion currently leaving Timor Lorosae, said the involvement of Philippine troops in the UN mission was a good learning experience.

“We helped to build the confidence of the people and managed to make them smile,” he said.

The majority of Philippine PKF troops are posted to Manatuto. The other units are located at Laclubar, Manihate, Soibada and Natarbora.

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