Subject: East Timor headlines/15May2001

Bahasa Indonesia Headlines ­ Tuesday 15 May 2001

1. Manuel Carrascalao: Don’t blame UNTAET 
2. Ana Maria: Those that commit polygamy have to be dealt with harshly

1. Manuel Carrascalao: Don’t Blame UNTAET (Suara Timor Lorosae, third lead)

President of the National Council Manuel Carrascalao said yesterday that it was the unprofessional nature of the Transitional Cabinet that gave UNTAET a bad name.

“I feel that if UNTAET was accused of being inefficient, then it can be attributed to the responsibility of the transitional Cabinet. Maybe they know about the shortcomings of UNTAET but are afraid of protesting for fear of losing their jobs,” said Manuel.

The National Council President was responding to a Portuguese Parliamentary Commission report that accused UNTAET of being inefficient.

“It’s the Cabinet members that are able to intervene directly if things are not going well. We are the house-owners and we have to protest if UNTAET is not doing its job properly,” said Manuel.

As an example, Manuel pointed out that the Cabinet never censored any high-ranking UNTAET personnel for acting without consulting the National Council.

“We now have to question the Transitional Administration. Are we [the National Council] just puppets?”

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2. Ana Maria: Those That Commit Polygamy Have To be Dealt With Harshly (Timor Post, second lead Page 9)

Polygamy is on the rise in Liquica, said Anna Maria, the executive secretary of UDT Liquica.

She said though a man had his rights, he must treat the two women equally so that one does not become jealous of the other. She said Timorese men normally paid too much attention to the second wife, that the first becomes neglected.

She said the first wife often went back to live with her parents, rather than be tortured by her husband.

But Anna Maria warned that in many instances, the first wife was also beaten.

“Not only does she run back to her mother, but before she leaves the husband she is also beaten. So I appeal to Civpol to take harsh action in such cases. The husband must be dealt with harshly so that he does not commit the offence again,” she said.

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