Subject: West Timor Press Summaries 1-9/08/01

West Timor Press Summaries 1st August - 9th August 2001 NTT X - NTT Eks pres; PK - Pos Kupang; ST - Surya Timor; RT - Radar Timor; SP - Sasando Pos

2nd August

NTT X: Throughout the month of July 2001, there were 104 cases of children under five years of age infected by diarrhea and treated at the Public Hospital of Kupang. However, as of now, there are only 18 remaining children being treated at the hospital. Sammy Naley MD, told NTT Ekspress on Wednesday that there is yet any fatality out of those cases. This success resulted from an early prevention and identification measures of the disease that have been done by either the parents or the hospital staff. Parents were quick to refer the children to the hospital when symptoms were noticed and Hospital staff ready with additional facilities for the patients.

RT: Based on the result of a survey by the Zoonosis section of the Health Department of RI showed that there were cases of refugees suffering from Japanese Enchepalitis disease, an inflammation of substance of the brain. The disease is communicable to humans by animals. Accordingly, the Health Research Bureau of Kupang held a two-day seminar on July 24th and 25th in Kupang discussing prevention and anticipation of the particular disease. Attending the seminar were several health staffs from Belu regency wherein the biggest number of refugees is concentrated. Border areas of East and West Timor are vulnerable for the spreading of the Japanese Encephalitis (JE) disease after a discovery of the cases in Liquica, East Timor in 1999. One person died out of four cases found in that year.

PK: 8 persons died of diarrhea in TTU (Kefamenanu). 8 persons have reportedly died and 9 others in critical condition of diarrhea in North Central Timor (TTU) regency. Health staff of TTU Regency is conducting an investigation on the ground to confirm whether the victims have died solely due to diarrhea, said Head of Health Department of TTU, Mikhael Suri MD on Wednesday.

PK: As many as 143 illegal immigrants from Afghanistan arrived at Kupang Seaport from Waikabubak, West Sumba yesterday. The illegal immigrants are temporarily accommodated in Kupang before they will be deported to their country of origin, said speaker of Provincial Police Chief spokesperson, Adj. Comr. I Wajan Dana last night in Kupang.

4th August

PK: At least 200 East Timor veteran members occupied the Regent's office of Belu on Thursday (2/8) and Friday (3/8). Hundreds of the veteran members occupied the office for more than 30 hours, however, the mass concentration did not result in any violence. Members waited patiently when their leaders held talks with the government officials. The mass dismissed after District Secretary of Belu, Joachim Lopez said the government of Belu agreed to compensate transportation fare for the veterans to go to Kupang to meet with the Governor of NTT, Piet Tallo, after which they would then leave for Jakarta. The total of veterans intending to go to Jakarta is 428 persons .

PK: Supreme Judge of UNTAET Mohammad Otmar met with the head of NTT Prosecutors' Office, Sudhono Iswahyudi, S.H, on Thursday to obtain information regarding the latest development of UNPKF soldier murder investigations. A UNPKF Soldier from New Zealand, Leonard Manning, was allegedly murdered by YB, an Indonesian citizen last year. Confirmed on Friday, Head of Prosecutors' office through his information officer, Roberth Tacoy, S. H, conceded that a meeting had been held with the Supreme Judge of UNTAET. According to Tacoy, the Police of NTT is still conducting a series of investigations on the case. He added that on Thursday staff of UNTAET working in military investigations section of UNTAET submitted a number of evidence including post mortem results and two dossiers of witness questioning.

6th August

PK: An East Timorese was apprehended on Friday (3/8) when attempting to perpetrate into Indonesian territory through Lahurus village, East Tasifeto Subdistrict, Belu. He was apprehended by the people of Manubaun village and taken to the nearest Military Base on the following day. Contacted on Saturday, Staf Chief of Belu Military Base, Maj. Sapriyadi conceded the capture and stated that, Jose Amaral, the apprehended East Timorese, confessed as an UNTAET spy, being paid for $5 per day to observe TNI/POLRI and former milititia activities around the border areas of East and West Timor. Jose Amaral is now being questioned by the military.

RT: At least 500 people of Belu joined the Veterans of the Republic of Indonesia to the Governor's office last weekend. Arriving in Kupang at 6 a.m on Saturday aboard 12 buses from Belu, the veterans demanded the government of NTT to bear their travel expense and facilitate them to go to Jakarta where they will demand payment of their living allowance yet to be paid by the government since 1989. The veterans were received by the Provincial Secretary of NTT, since Governor, Piet Talo was out of the office. The Governor was in Lembata to attend the installation ceremony of Regent and Vice Regent of Lembata.

7th August

PK: Graft case investigation team of NTT Police is investigating the alleged fraudulence payment of former East Timor Civil Servants' salaries. Police have detained, IM (30), believed as the main suspect in this case. In connection to this, at least 600 people, known as East Timor refugees, occupied Belu Police base on Saturday (4/8), in an attempt to confiscate 6 original receipts as evidence. The mass was led by a well-known local lawyer. Police Chief of Belu, Adj. Comr. Drs, Nender Yani regretted the incident but defied to have submitted original receipts as evidence to the people. Contacted yesterday, Provincial Police Chief of NTT, Brig. Gen. Jacky Uly admitted the occurrence of the incident, adding that the case is being investigated by police. He explained that certain staff at the government office had allegedly manipulated East Timor civil servants data and took away the salaries of the former East Timor civil servants.

RT: After staying at the office of NTT Governor for two nights, the 361 East Timor veterans left and were moved to a building in Kelapa Lima village, Kupang. The veterans arrived in Kupang on Saturday (4/8), and had stayed there since then. They demanded the government to cover their travel expenses to Jakarta to meet with the President and Vice President of Indonesia to voice out their demands concerning their future. Sources reported that the chance is slim for the government to grant their demands due to unavailability of funsd. Last year, these veterans did the same thing, and at that time the Provincial government of NTT disbursed Rp. 80 million to cover their travel fares to Jakarta.

RT: At least 28 households or 74 persons have returned to East Timor yesterday through Motaain Border Post in Silawan. These returnees have made up the total number of returnees post- registration in June to be 510 households or 1,651 persons.

8th August

PK: Hundreds of RI Veterans from Belu involved in the integration struggle for East Timor in 1975 insist their travel expenses to Jakarta be covered by the government of NTT. Vice Governor of NTT, Drs, Johanis Pake Pani suggested to send only three representatives. Gabriel Mau, veterans' speaker, revealed that the veterans had been weary with the empty promises given by the central government regarding their living allowance demands. Vice Governor, Pake Pani appealed the veterans to understand the financial difficulty that the province is facing at the moment, purporting that the government could not comply with their demands if all veterans wish to go to Jakarta.

RT: Hundreds of former East Timor civil servants residing in Belu regency staged a demonstration at Belu Regent's office yesterday protesting against the delay of their salary payment. To the press, the Regent of Belu, Drs. Marselus Bere admitted the delay saying it was due to the questioning that the police of Belu is conducting on the salary treasurer in connection with fraudulence for the payment of former East Timor civil servants who had returned home.

9th August

NTTX: Frascisco Manek, a participant of the reconciliation read the message from Xanana Gusmao at Motamasin Post on Wednesday night regarding the meeting they just had for East Timorese refugees from Covalima and the people from Covalima district, in Sakelele, Covalima. Attending the meeting included Staff Chief of UNTAET, N Parameswaran, Democratic Party Speaker, Fernando La Sama de Aroujo, Former District Head of Covalima, Rui Emiliano Texiera and Falintil leader Falur Rate Laek. Xanana stated in the message that the Sakalele reconciliation meeting could be the first and the last of such meetings since he considers there would be no use of having the meetings if the refugees refuse to return home. Xanana appealed to the refugees to return home before Christmas to celebrate together at home. He hoped that if there should be another reconciliation meeting, it would only be to discuss the mechanisms of repatriation, not to discuss any substantial matters. In the Sakalele meeting, certain issues were discussed including, ownership rights of the refugees, security warranty for the refugees, particularly those who were former pro-integration fighters, and working opportunities for the refugees when they return home. Joao M. Lopes, a refugee representative stated that most of the refugees are planning to return home after the general election later this month.

RT: After going through tough negotiations, the government of NTT managed to persuade the veterans to delegate only three persons to Jakarta. Public Relations Officer of the Provincial Government office, Nani Kosapilawan stated that the three delegates would leave for Jakarta on Tuesday next week aboard the Dobonsolo passenger ship and will meet with President Megawati Soekarnoputri and Vice President, Hamzah Haz. This group will be led by Gabriel Mau to demand central government to pay more attention to their rights as veterans, to repatriate remaining veterans to Belu Regency which the Provincial Government will assist Rp.2 million to cover transportation expenses to Belu. There are at least 360 veterans coming to Kupang to voice out their demands.

PK: The result of the visit by Director of Resettlement and Infrastructure Department for Eastern Indonesia, Dr. Ir. Yusuf Yuniarto including delegates from international organizations such as UNHCR, UNDP, IOM, OCHA and EC in surveying possible resettlement sites of East Timorese in West Sumba brought out a good outcome. The Regent of West Sumba, TH. Langgar, S.H told this to Pos Kupang after accompanying the entourage to several villages observing the would-be resettlement sites.

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