December 2001
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January 2002
November ET Postings

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Noam Chomsky

Message from Noam Chomksy

Winter 2001-2 Estafeta now online
Full text of Draft Constitution (large PDF files) English, Portuguese
ETAN/IHRN: Congress Bolsters Ban on Training for Indonesia With One Bill, While Opening a Loophole with Another

December 23 - 31
West Timor Press Summaries December 2001
Megawati to Troops- Don't Worry About Rights Abuses
No room for Timor refugees
Indonesia in 2001- Human Rights Ignored?
East Timor reassures political asylum seekers
Woodside to negotiate Timor Sea gas project in new year
Timor peace risk to refugee visas
Government Confirms First Three Cases of HIV-AIDS
A Back Door to New Military Aid for Jakarta
Here is the news ... from your old colonial rulers
Gusmao Calm at Prospect of Portugal Under New Management

International Donors Meet
Alkatiri and Ramos-Horta at Donors Meet

Alkatiri (l) and Jose Ramos-Horta
at Oslo Donors Conference. World

UN says East Timor can serve as Afghanistan model
General Optimism, Some Caution on First Day of Donor Conference
Dili's Leaders Upbeat as Donors Meet in Oslo
Nobel Laureate Asks Funds for Timor
Dili ´Only` Needs Euros 360 Million Until 2005

Lisbon Grants Euros 100 Million Civil, Security Aid
Japan pledges $19 mil. for E. Timor nation building

see also NGO Forum Statement
World Bank's Oslo Donor's Meet Page for speeches and background docs

December 16 - 22
Scent of militia is still in the air
Refugees Face Starvation in West Timor
Darwin gas pipeline back on as East Timor backs off
Australia troop numbers to fall
Music Binds Australia and East Timor Guitars for East Timor
Police question Timorese as witness in Tommy case
Guterres says he'll turn against Indon govt in tribunal
Fishermen set for prize catch
At Peace but Devastated in East Timor

TNI Warns of W. Timor Rebels
Ramos Horta Predicts Conflict of Interests With Australia
UN Administrator Discusses Independence Transition in Lisbon
Western Sahara and ET at Nobel Ceremonies
NZ To Extend Peacekeeping In East Timor To Nov '02
Habibie discusses ET vote
Full US Military Ties With Jakarta 'Unlikely' - US Academic

Documents Confirm Ford & Kissinger Green Light

Ford & Kissinger Green Light to Indonesia's 1975 Invasion; New Documents Reveal Conversations with Suharto (National Security Archive)

Documents Show Ford, Kissinger Approved Timor Invasion (Mother Jones)
Days of Infamy and Memory

Timor Rights Group Wants US Apology for Not Preventing Invasion
(VOA with Audio
Documents Show US Supported 1975 Invasion of E. Timor (VOA with Audio)
1975 East Timor Invasion Got U.S. Go-Ahead
Gusmao Downplays US Complicity in Indonesian Invasion
E Timorese Mark Anniversary Of 1975 Invasion

Conspiracy against East Timor
Days of Infamy and the American Memory
Perfect timing
Indonesia, East Timor and The Western Powers A Case Study

see also ETAN Kissinger Page

December 9 - 15
de Mello on Afghanistan and East Timor
Sexual Orientation Clause Removed From Constitution
Launch of JSMP Report - Justice in Practice: Human Rights in Court Administration
Constitution Debate, Approval Extended Until Jan. 25, 2002
Indonesia unlikely to arrest soldier for Timor crimes- rights advocate

Brisbane-Oecusse Linked
Tetum and Portuguese named Timor's official languages

Mega yet to select ad hoc judges
Court Gives Maximum Prison Sentences in First Atrocities Trial
Indonesian government to extend aid to refugees

Now available La'o Hamutuk Bulletin Vol. 2, No. 8: Bilateral Aid

Listen to Pacifica's Democracy Now in Exile RealAudio programs

December 1 - 8
Were the Balibo five nearly saved?
The Debacle in E Timor, Why I Changed My Mind
Timorese children given new lease of life
Rising from the ashes- the story of an E Timor town
Indonesian President Could Visit Portugal Next Year
Eurico sues Habibie
Three more militiamen to stand trial in NZ peacekeeper's murder

Baucau´s Muslims Celebrate Reconstruction of Burned Down Mosque
Timor Sea gas talks get down to bedrock
Timor's Missing Children
Half of Indonesia's fighter planes grounded by U.S. embargo
Alkatiri Appeals for End to Domestic Violence against Women
Lisbon 's Aid Praised in Graduation of First Self-defense Battalion
Evidence shows humans in Timor 35,000 years ago
Alkatiri Seeks Aid in Japan Visit
West Timor Press Nov 24 - Dec 1 2001
AIDS spectre looms over Dili

January 2002

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