Subject: LUSA: Germans To Fund Dili-Oecusse Enclave Ship Link

14 Nov 01 13:53 East Timor: Germans To Fund Dili-Oecusse Enclave Ship Link

The German government has confirmed it will grant East Timor USD 915,000 to maintain its crucial maritime link to the enclave of Oecusse, officials said Wednesday in Dili.

The German aid will fund shipping links between Dili and the enclave, East Timorese territory wedged into the northern coast of Indonesian West Timor, for two years beyond independence.

An earlier Portuguese grant of USD 200,000 for the same purpose runs out at independence, which is set for next May 20.

Indonesia has repeatedly balked at negotiating the use of a land corridor by East Timor, leaving the maritime route as the only economically viable option.

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