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February 2002
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Winter 2001-2 Estafeta online

Summary of ETAN's UN Press Conference with Filomena Barros dos Reis
ETAN: Justice for East Timor Will Not Come from Indonesian Indictments

Text of Feb. 9 Draft Constitution as passed:  Original Portuguese: PDF, MSWord, Official translations:  English: PDFMSWord. Official Bahasa Indonesian: PDF, MSWord. Tetum: PDF, MSWord. Original draft: English, Portuguese

Early February
January Postings

Support ETAN

Noam Chomsky says support ETAN

Message from Noam Chomksy

February 24 - 28
WT Press Summaries 16 - 28 February 2002

Starving E. Timorese refugees denied food aid
E. Timor legislators asked to quit DPR
Advance team for Japanese PKOs departs for E. Timor
Indonesia cemetery in E. Timor safe
E. Timorese refugees start use violence, terror to survive
East Timor not yet ready to join Asean
Dialogue- Timor war criminals should face UN trial

Xanana, East Timor leaders face human rights questioning
Indonesia plans to discontinue scholarships for E. Timorese students
Indonesian Prosecutors Investigate 1999 Slaying of Dutch Reporter
E. Timor refugees urged to return home immediately

Indonesian Ad-Hoc Court (Part 2)

Suspects Colonels Tono Suratman
(left) and Muhammad Noer Muis in East Timor, Aug. 13, 1999.

ETAN: Justice for East Timor Will Not Come from Indonesian Indictments

ETAN: Newly Appointed Indonesian Judges Will Not Provide Long-Delayed Justice for East Timor

Indonesian trial on E. Timor violence to begin mid-March
INDONESIA Loath to Take The Rap on Timor abuses

E Timor Govt, Int'l Rights Groups Doubt Resolve To Try Timor Offenders
First Timor rights case involves church massacre
AGO to submit dossiers on East Timor abuse to court soon

TAPOL: Case for international tribunal overwhelming
Amnesty International: Indonesia: First indictments but will justice be delivered?
Human Rights Watch: Indonesia: Justice For East Timor Still Elusive

the saga continues

earlier coverage

East Timor Indicts 17
United Nations Indicts 17 in Indonesia
Indonesia says no extradition as E Timor indicts 17 
'Ignoring UNTAET writ will tarnish Indonesia's image' - Indonesian rights activists

Timorese "losing patience" with their own refugees- Ramos-Horta
Let's be friends- East Timor invites Megawati to party
Jakarta Observed- East Timor treads a careful line
Indonesia, E.Timor, Australia warn people smugglers
Indon, Australia, E. Timor end "historic" three-way talks
Fretilin Silence on Gusmao Candidacy 'Prudent' - Ramos Horta
East Timorese refugees face starvation

Tribute to Poncke Princen from Jose Amorim Diaz
New TNI spokesman Sjafrie's new controversy
Indonesia, E. Timor officials meet for talks in Bali
Fearing the wrath of someone else's god
Dili, Jakarta Delegations Sign Accords Smoothing Relations
Citizens Have Say on Draft Constitution
UNHCR to keep aiding Timor refugee repatriation

Truth Commission Sworn In

Head of Reconciliation, Truth Commission Appointed

Seeking the truth - Panel hopes to bring stability to East Timor
East Timor Truth Commission sworn in
Truth and Reconciliation Commission Takes Office in Dili
In pursuit of the truth
Truth commission set for traumatised East Timor
East Timor Asked to Admit Wrongdoing- Ramos Horta

Reception, Truth & Reconciliation Commission Web Site

February 17 - 23
Xanana to run for President (Declaration of Principles)
Gusmao runs for president

Strong Alliance With Shell In Timor Sea
Statement at the 60th Anniversary of Japanese Invasion
Sleeping With The Enemy - U.S. Support for TNI
Portugal asks EU to reconsider proposed cut in Timor aid
Of Dogs and Fleas (U.S. and Indonesian military)
No Rush to Approve Constitution Say Belo and Gusmao
Now available La'o Hamutuk Bulletin Vol. 3, No. 1: February 2002, Police, Agriculture: Bilateral Aid

Listen to Pacifica's Democracy Now! RealAudio programs

Democracy Now!'s Amy Goodman confronts Asia Society's Nicholas Platt at the WEF

UNHCR to keep aiding Timor refugee repatriation
Timor tells Telstra good riddance
Justice for E. Timor by ETAN's Diane Farsetta

Indonesia, E Timor, Australia to meet on drawing up sea borders
Dili Insists Aid, Rather than Credits, Finance Budget Deficit
Timor Lorosae Bishops Asks Help to Repatriate Refugees
Controversial E Timor General Wins Indonesian Army Job
West Timor Press Summary - Feb 1-15 2002

Early February
January Postings
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Australian Story - Dangerous Liaison (Kirsty Sword profile)
Foreign Policy in Focus: East Timor Self-Determination Conflict Profile
Carrying the People’s Aspirations: A Report on Focus Group Discussions in East Timor, (PDF) National Democratic Institute, University of East Timor (UNTIL) (2/1/2002)
East Timor - Party to Independence (SBS documentary transcript)

Lao Hamutuk Annual Report (April 2000-December 2001)
World Health Organization (WHO) Dili: Projects Completed 2000-2001 And Future Steps (MS Word)
Not My Chancellor site protesting Kissinger as Chancellor of College of William and Mary

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