Subject: JP: AGO to submit dossiers on East Timor abuse to court soon

AGO to submit dossiers on East Timor abuse to court soon

JAKARTA (JP): Attorney General MA Rahman said on Friday that his office would soon submit the dossiers on alleged East Timor human rights abuses to the Central Jakarta District Court.

"We will submit them (the dossiers) as soon as possible," Rahman said as quoted by Antara after inducting 24 ad hoc prosecutors for the East Timor human rights abuse cases.

Among the inducted prosecutors were two military prosecuting attorneys, reflecting that some of the cases allegedly involved military and policemen, he said.

The Attorney General, however, did not say exactly when the dossiers would be handed to the court.

The Attorney General's Office has so far named 18 suspects, mostly military and police officers, in the East Timor human rights abuse cases.

Recently, the government also installed 21 ad hoc judges to man the human rights courts.

Meanwhile, Djoko Soegianto, chairman of the NationalCommission on Human Rights (Komnas HAM), said the attorney general's office should pass on the East Timor human rights dossiers to the court soon after the government had appointed the relevant ad-hoc judges as well as prosecuting attorneys.

Djoko divided the human rights cases into two categories: serious abuses and common criminal acts.

Serious human rights abuses should be disposed of inaccordance with international law while common criminal acts should be subject to articles in the Criminal Code (KUHP), Djoko said.

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